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AAC Floors



AAC Floors

AAC-Floors is specialized in the design of ground asphalt floors and elements. Through a unique combination of techniques and creativity, we have devised a new application for an existing product. By sanding away the top layer of the asphalt, a granite-like appearance is created.

The strength of AAC-Floors is that we are the innovator in the field of asphalt applications. We are able to design floors and elements for you according to your specific wishes.

The most diverse designs can be made through various compositions and additions. For both indoor and outdoor applications.

You can think of an interior floor for, for example, a showroom, house, office building or catering facility. But also for outdoor applications, cut asphalt is a beautiful aesthetic addition to the street scene, such as a square, pond or walking area.

In addition to the aesthetic value of the product, ground asphalt is also environmentally friendly, affordable and durable.

The applications of AAC-Floors are patented.


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Address: Ambachtsweg 56

Postal code: 6673 DK

Place: Andelst

T: 023 - 5269598

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Design and development

Through various compositions and additions, the most diverse designs can be made, for indoor and outdoor use. Maurice van Oosterwijk is the project leader. The development of the concepts and designs is in the hands of Frans Uhl.

Poured asphalt

For the indoor asphalt floor, mastic asphalt is applied by hand and then the top layer is polished. Cast asphalt is also used in outdoor projects where road asphalt is not applicable, such as the asphalting of a roof. See within projects on the site for examples.

Road asphalt

Road asphalt is applied by machine and after it has been applied the top layer is blasted or polished. Consider, for example, the Boulevard van Scheveningen project .
See outside projects on the site for more examples.


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