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We are Aectual, for you

Founded on a mission to bring freedom of design and custom architecture to the masses and to make city production cleaner, faster and better. Our dream is to give everyone in the world access to good architecture and sustainable cities. That's why we 'crack' the complex supply chains of the construction industry by developing digitally produced construction products. We create true design freedom, huge cost reduction, perfect consumer quality and no waste. Join this revolution!

Our ambition is to offer customization and high-quality architecture for everyone. We start by offering architects and designers new design tools that break free from architectural standardization. Aectuals' design and manufacturing tools for building products enable designers, architects and clients to create custom and engineered architectural products at any scale and for all types of buildings. Together we build the seamless user interface that shows your visual design in real time.



Address: Asterweg 149

Postal code: 1031 HM

Place: Amsterdam

T: 020-2291786

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