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We have been making doors for more than 35 years. Doors in all shapes and sizes and for almost all applications. Homes, business premises, hospitals, schools: you will find our doors everywhere. With about 120 colleagues, we enjoy working on our beautiful products every day. High-quality and durable materials, modern techniques, proven craftsmanship and well thought-out design. We guarantee a beautiful and functional result, always! That is our mission, every day! PROFESSIONAL, SMART and INSPIRING.

Albo Deuren is the leading total supplier of a complete range of interior doors, exterior doors, door frames, windows and related products. We are skilled, smart and inspiring and committed to our partners. Together with them, we develop generic and project-based, as both co-designer and co-maker, total solutions for the market. We are designed to completely unburden you. Albo takes responsibility for people and the environment and can therefore meet both current and future market and social expectations in a world of rapidly advancing technical, economic, political and ecological changes.

OPEN for different! Our environment is changing. That calls for adaptability. More than that: It asks for


anticipate future changes. It is our belief that only those who anticipate and meet market expectations have an entrepreneurial future. Continuing to surprise our customer with our possibilities, that is our vision.

Albo Deuren is a high-quality partner for the entire process of the right door in every environment and offers a detailed concept for this. Albo Deuren recognizes the importance of the styling of a living or working environment and the function of doors therein. It offers its customers the right experience and makes doors an important part of construction, renovation and furnishing projects. She does this by offering a distinctive range and by making the process fun and easy for her customers.


Windows, doors & frames


In addition to doors and door frames, we also replace hinged, bottom-hung and top-hung windows. All windows, just like doors, are digitally measured by us. So always fit and 100% draught-tight. For more information about what we can do for you, please contact Ysbert Ewouds on 06-15 825 255 or via

Albo Deuren BV

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Address: Hinvertsweg 24

Postal code: 7665 AX

Place: Albergen

T: 0594 - 515080

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At Albo Deuren we make interior doors with a passion for interior, your interior. Interior doors of Wood or Steel and for different styles. Modern, Industrial, Rural or Timeless, you will always find something for you at Albo Deuren. If not, then anyway! We just make it for you. Make an appointment in our showroom and let's see together what your interior door will be.


Exterior doors from Albo Doors are safe, comfortable, durable and of top quality. We take this into account when designing your exterior door. Be inspired by original design and authentic materials! We have every possible exterior door in our range: from patio and garden doors to garage doors and front doors.


Looking for Utility doors that are moisture-resistant, sound-resistant or fire-resistant? We make them in-house: doors with a performance!


Well-chosen accessories give an extra look and complete the look. Find the accessories for your door here! Door fittings or architraves? Complete your door at Albo Doors. Be surprised by our range.

Marlan, solid surface, durable surface material, worktops, kitchens, bathrooms, medical applications, shop fittings, back walls, tables, window sills, counters, wall cladding, facade cladding, furniture, fronts, drawers.

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