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Buko housing


BUKO is a family of service companies in the construction, earth, road and hydraulic engineering sectors. It all started in 1962 with BUKO Transport: two trucks and a lot of guts. Do ordinary things unusually well. Customers come to this. And that's why they come back. That is how we have grown into what we are today.

Every day we work all over the Netherlands: along the road, on construction sites, in shopping centers and at festivals. We don't shout that from the rooftops. But once you know BUKO, you will find us everywhere. And of course we are proud of that.


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Address: Parallelweg 92

Postal Code: 1948 NM

Place: Beverwijk

T: 0251 - 26 27 28

Our solutions

From a small construction project to a large school building or a turnaround

to an event with thousands of people. We have the products.


Office units:

your office accommodation grows with you

Growth, downsizing, renovations ... your company is constantly changing. And with that your need for space. The solution? Modular office units, as an emergency office or as office space for a longer period of time. The office units from Algeco are a flexible and affordable solution that can be realized quickly. We accommodate boards, teams, departments and organizations at any desired location.

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In its place on every construction site: an Algeco construction trailer

Algeco's construction sheds have been specially developed as temporary accommodation during construction work. With a fleet of tens of thousands of units, we can deliver exactly what you need on your construction site: a simple construction site hut (also known as a site hut), or a fully equipped management office, porter's lodge or office unit.

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An Algeco Schaftwagen: practical and complete

A simple shelter or a fully equipped trailer with sanitary facilities and material storage: at Algeco you have a choice. With our wide range of purchase chain, there is always something in between.  

We arrange everything you need: from transport and maintenance by certified personnel to refrigerator and coffee machine. Everything in one agreement, with one contact person and on one invoice. We'll make sure it's ready so you can get started right away.



Combi container: robust accommodation for people and material

With an Algeco combi container, we place a shelter for dining and a storage space for material in one go. Ideal for use in a remote location or open terrain. The robust and properly closable container of 6 x 2.5 m has a steel exterior.

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