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Alprokon aluminum

Alprokon builds safety

Alprokon positions itself in the European market as a producer of products that promote architectural and personal safety. We want to be inspiring, innovative and successful in all market segments where our products are used.

Our complete range is distinguished by a functional design with sustainable technology. As a reliable and expert partner, Alprokon thus offers a unique solution for every customer.

Alprokon strives to continue to inspire and facilitate its customers in order to achieve the maximum together with them in the sustainable application of products that promote architectural and personal safety.

The goal of Alprokon is to gain recognition from its customers as a market leader by emphasizing innovation and expertise in the collaboration.

By continuing to invest in our people and processes, we want to keep the quality of the range and service at a distinctively high level.



Address: Bremen 1

Postal Code: 2993 LJ

Place: Barendrecht

T: 0180 - 20 55 00

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Alprokon is the standard when it comes to safe doors, escape routes and reliable fall protection.
We have more than 50 years of knowledge and experience. And that is reflected in our products.

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Alprokon Deurnaalden

Door needles​

As the inventor of the door needle, Alprokon has been the market leader for decades. You will find Alprokon door needles in every public space, from delivery room to nursing home. Alprokon distinguishes itself in classified solutions for burglary delay, fire, smoke protection and escape and panic.

Alprocon. Any space safe.

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Alprokon profielen


The profiles provide seals between the door leaf and, for example, a frame. Functional, reliable and safe. But most importantly, classified. This gives the space between the door and the frame an extra functionality. Profiles are available as rebate profile or frame profile.
The functions of profiles are; draft protection, fire and smoke protection and escape route marking.

Alprocon. Any space safe.

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NON-slip safety

Being able to safely leave a room and/or building is a requirement within the Buildings Decree. Alprokon NON-slip profiles ensure that stairwells become safe escape routes. The flight capacity doubled by applying Alprokon anti-slip profiles.

Columns and corners of walls are protected with Alprokon safety profiles. This protects the construction against damage, which makes the space safe.

Alprocon. Any space safe.

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Order individual parts of Alprokon products easily and quickly. From closing pots to brush strips for door needle profiles, from anti-slip tape to expanding strips, you will find it here.

Alprocon. Any space safe.

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Roof Railing®

The certified roof edge fall protection for work on flat roofs above a height of 2.5 metres.

Alprocon. Any space safe.

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