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Address: Denariusstraat 11

Postal Code: 4903 RC

Place: Oosterhout

T: 01624 910 00


Bostik is one of the largest adhesive and sealant manufacturers. Our company has 5,000 employees worldwide in 50 countries on five continents. Our customers operate in a variety of markets, in particular industrial production, the construction market and the consumer sector.

Bostik adhesives are used in the manufacturing and assembly of products in various sectors including construction, automotive, aerospace, rail transport, packaging, tapes, labels, elastic lamination and footwear.

Our industrial activities are constantly expanding and we partner with big names in the manufacturing industry, from leading car brands to giants in consumer goods.

Our smart adhesive systems are used worldwide for both the construction of new buildings and renovation projects. We offer solutions for the laying of floors, tiling, moisture protection, seals, decoration and furnishing, assembly and insulation.

From interior beautification to repairs and craft activities, we are committed to simplifying the execution of everyday tasks with products that enable consumers to achieve a professional result.

Smart innovation

Our smart products are supported by innovation.

We are always committed to innovation by applying the latest advanced technologies in developing our 'smart' adhesives. Our archives are packed with examples of pioneering Bostik technologies - from potato starch-based wallpaper paste to elastic attachments adhesive for diapers.

Our commitment to innovation is still the same. We innovate together with our customers through an international R&D network, consisting of three international centers for smart technology and 11 regional centers. This investment allows us to distinguish ourselves from our competitors. In 2014, 15% of Bostik's sales were achieved with products released in the previous three years.

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