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Brick with a warm heart

One stone is not the other. We know that at Caprice. We are a family business with over 150 years of experience in bricklaying. But quality is not our only focus. We focus mainly on you, our customer. By working with you involved and decisively, we prove to be a reliable partner with a dynamic view of the market. You see: Caprice has many qualities. Hence our slogan 'Bricks with a warm heart'.


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Address: Scherpekamp 3

Postal Code: 6687 ML

Place: Angeren

T: 088-0103100

Marlan, solid surface, durable surface material, worktops, kitchens, bathrooms, medical applications, shop fittings, back walls, tables, window sills, counters, wall cladding, facade cladding, furniture, fronts, drawers.

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