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Address: Gageldonk 6

Zip code: 4854 LH

Location: Basel

T: 0657880227

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CEWOOD successfully applies the 50-year Latvian tradition of producing wood wool panels. CEWOOD SIA is a 100% Latvian company that currently employs more than 100 employees.

The company was founded in 2015. CEWOOD is the only manufacturer of wood wool panels in the Baltic States and is one of the leading companies in this sector worldwide. The quality standards applied by our company have ensured that we have been able to successfully expand the CEWOOD sales market to a large number of countries.

As a company, we continuously work on optimizing production processes, introducing new products and training people. Together with industry experts (architects, interior designers, contractors and project developers), we work to determine the preconditions needed to make optimal use of the unique applications of CEWOOD panels.


Acoustic panels are environmentally friendly, durable and have excellent fire-resistant, acoustic and thermal properties.

Given the unique properties, they are widely used in residential and non-residential construction, both for the finishing of ceilings and walls, especially in areas where good acoustics are required. Also applicable in areas with a relatively high humidity.


CEWOOD construction panels are produced in Latvia and are durable and natural, environmentally friendly and safe for health. Thanks to the natural raw materials, the panel structures create a pleasant microclimate, which is typical for rooms finished with natural wood. The construction panels retain their unique properties throughout their entire lifespan. The material has been used in Latvia for more than 50 years and elsewhere in Europe for more than 100 years. The panels have good thermal values so that buildings are protected against large temperature fluctuations.

Design panels

CEWOOD design tiles are new products with unique, versatile and aesthetic properties of wood wool. In addition, they significantly improve the acoustics in the room.

Each panel is custom-produced with the utmost care according to the wishes of the customer, for both modern and classic interiors. Ideal for architects, designers as well as for private individuals. The panels are available in various colors and shapes so that all wishes can be met.

The panel systems developed by CEWOOD are the perfect solution for the combination of thermal insulation, sound insulation and absorption, for new construction, renovation of homes and non-residential construction.

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