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Comelit exports to more than 70 countries around the world and, in addition to its headquarters in Italy, has 15 subsidiaries in the strategic areas where it operates: from Europe to Asia, from the United States to the Middle East. An extensive sales network in which a collective know-how is combined with knowledge of the specific needs in each market.

Always looking to the future is Comelit's mission. This continuous investment in people and technology leads to important innovations and new solutions aimed at maximum simplicity and functionality in order to contribute to a better quality of life.



Address: Outside the dike 1

Postal Code: 3356 LX

Place: Papendrecht

T: 078 - 6511201

Marlan, solid surface, durable surface material, worktops, kitchens, bathrooms, medical applications, shop fittings, back walls, tables, window sills, counters, wall cladding, facade cladding, furniture, fronts, drawers.

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