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As an industrial manufacturer and supplier of solid wood systems, Derako is continuously active in expanding the application possibilities of sustainable materials in construction. Through innovation and years of experience, both nationally and internationally, Derako supplies practically applicable, but above all stylish and durable covering for ceilings, walls and facades.

Your creativity and design idea is our starting point. Derako works exclusively on a project basis and all systems are tailor-made architectural solutions with budgetary flexibility. We provide support in the design and engineering phase and deliver appropriate solutions where necessary. At Derako we think along with your design challenges, the integration with building systems, logistics issues and we come up with ideas for realizing your unique wishes. Moreover, a project is always fully technically supervised and worked out by Derako, which results in, among other things, detailed installation plans and technical information. At Derako, every project deserves its own look. Through years of cooperation with architects, both nationally and internationally, and the available knowledge of application in combination with the types of wood, we can provide sound advice and solutions. More information can be found under the menu item Visitor type.


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Solid wood ceiling systems

Combine the strength of wood with our innovative hanging system

Derako ceiling systems allow your design to come into its own due to the unique attachment. The wood is blind mounted via a special connection. Years of technical experience in our own production environment enabled us to develop practical systems that meet the highest quality requirements.

Our products

Derako offers the linear and grill ceiling system in various versions. In the linear ceiling system, the wooden parts are processed flat in the system. The grill ceiling system gives the ceiling extra depth effect. We offer standardized solutions and customization; from cost-effective to the most exclusive forms.

Linearceiling systems


Linear Baseline™

Linear Base-line is a standard and affordable solid wood ceiling system. You can choose from two types of wood and two sizes. Due to the standardization, Linear Base-line can be delivered quickly and at an attractive price.


Linear Pro-line™

Do you prefer a wide range of system types, types of wood, dimensions and finishes? Lineair Pro-Line combines design and customization. Your design is our starting point. The systems are suitable for curved or curved applications.


Linear Exclusive-line™

Organic building shapes and varying patterns require innovative solutions. With our Linear Exclusive line and technical support you can create exclusive wooden ceilings.


Linear Cloak Wood®

Cloak Wood is a beautiful and affordable alternative to precious woods. Unique material combinations are possible. The solid wood core is covered on the outside with a natural wood veneer of your choice.

Grillceiling systems


Grill Baseline™

A challenging budget but still the benefits of solid wood? Grill Base-line offers the solution. You have a wide choice of standard panels. We supply Grill Base-line in fifteen sizes and four types of wood. The ordering process is simple and fast.


Grill Pro-line™

Grill Pro-line is completely custom made according to your specifications. Thanks to the many options and technical support, you can realize high-quality ceilings with unique contours.


Grill Exclusive line™

Derako developed Grill Exclusive-line for special effects and ceiling designs. You can realize special ceiling shapes by adjusting the product and process.


Grill Cloak Wood®

Grill Cloak Wood has a solid wood core and is covered on the outside with a wood veneer of your choice. It is a sustainable and economically attractive alternative that is widely applicable due to its dimensional stability.

Wall system

Want to make a complex wall design simple and clear? This is possible with the Derako solid wood wall system. This offers various technical and dimensioning options. The solid wood wall system can be executed as a linear or grill system.


The Derako wall system consists of solid wooden slats or slats that can be easily attached to the architectural wall behind with a special construction. With the linear system, this construction consists of an anodized aluminum SLR profile that is project-specifically provided with millings for de  attachment of a patented stainless steel clip. Various sizes and types of wood can be combined with this system. Creativity is the guiding principle.




The linear wall system consists of solid wooden slats on a specially developed substructure. This construction consists of an anodized aluminum SLR profile that is project-specifically provided with cut-outs for the attachment of a patented stainless steel clip. The slats are supplied as standard in falling lengths, but are available in fixed lengths on request. The ends of the slats are connected to each other by a milled crosscut tongue and groove connection. Various sizes and types of wood can be combined with each other. For complex projects, the profiles can also be marked to indicate the correct position in the work. This means that a clear and fast assembly procedure can be followed at the construction site. 

Solid wood

Derako works exclusively with solid wood. Each type of wood has its own natural properties such as colour, grain, structure, knots and size tolerances.




A wall application of the grill system consists of solid wooden slats that are mutually fixed by aluminum or plastic flexible dowels. These composite slats together form the grill panel and are pushed together by means of a half-wood dowel connection. This visually creates a single surface without interruptions. As with ceiling applications, each panel is supplied to size, based on the architectural data and in mutual consultation. Here the panels are screwed directly onto the structural substructure using wall clips. There is no profile available for the longitudinal connection of the wall panels, but an open joint of at least 10 mm must be maintained.

Solid wood

Derako works exclusively with solid wood. Each type of wood has its own natural properties such as colour, grain, structure, knots and size tolerances.


The Derako solid wood facade system

The Derako facade system consists of solid wooden slats that are fixed invisibly by the unique Derako fixing system. Based on the project, black anodized aluminum profiles are milled to size for the attachment of patented stainless steel clips. The entire attachment is located on the back of the wood. Design your facade according to your freedom through a wide choice of materials, dimensions, finishes and profile directions.




The open ventilated facade system consists of solid wooden slats and the black anodized aluminum Derako fixing system, which is project-specifically provided with cut-outs for attaching patented stainless steel clips. These clips are already applied to the profile during the production phase. The entire attachment is located on the back, so that the appearance of the wood remains intact for a long time. In addition, no screws and nails are used, which prevents possible future corrosion stripes and damage to the wood.



For the facade, Derako works exclusively with materials that are suitable for outdoor applications. Each material has its own unique product properties. For each application, Derako will advise which choice of material and finish best suits your project.






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