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ebony and co

About us

Our office in Amsterdam started in 2004 on the picturesque Herengracht. A very popular and growing destination for both Dutch and Belgian customers, we chose to move our office to our Factory Inspiration Center in 2019. Our European production facility in the beautiful region of Limburg, a 90-minute drive from Amsterdam or Brussels, always leaves our visitors with an unforgettable and rich experience. The ubiquitous artistic legacy of the old Flemish and Dutch masters in our countries still inspires us every day to develop our special finishing patterns. No surprise that this location has also become the favorite spot for interior designers visiting us from all over the world.

ebony and co

Ebony and Co makes luxury hardwood elements such as floors, paneling, upholstery, floors and parquet. Our talented sales team is committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences worldwide. Our personal approach and uncompromising attention to detail enable us to outperform our competition in quality and service.


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Address: Maasbreeseweg 2

Postal Code: 5981 NB

Location: Panningen

T: 020-616 3444

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How we work

If you have enough time, lay

we like to explain why we choose it

to use the healthy bottom part of the tree and how your interior can benefit from our expertise and our many years of network of local suppliers. It's a story and it all starts with time.

Beneath the surface of every Ebony and Co product lies a wealth of innovation and information. Each product has its own comprehensive story, created from the defining functions that make it what it is. The essential knowledge of a wood's terroir, the intense process that results in the purest selection, and the highly skilled craftsmanship required to transform the wood into the product of your choice are just some of the many aspects of our work .

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Time to grow

While we strive to provide you with the highest quality floors, sourcing and responsible manufacturing are just as important. In order for forests to thrive, we only involve mature trees at the end of their growth cycle.

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