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Address: Noorderbaan 14

Postal Code: 8256 PR

Place: Biddinghuizen

T: 0321-332103

ESC Dronten

Discover the possibilities with ceramic facades from ESC

Do you want a beautiful facade that meets all the requirements of high-quality contemporary architecture? With Tonality you choose design, durability & quality. Due to the unlimited possibilities, the creative possibilities are limitless.

Tonality® is an innovative facade system based on high-quality ceramic tiles. For example, we offer beautiful lines, an extensive color palette and a perfect finish, both for renovation and new construction. Also notable from a technical point of view is the ingenious, time-saving mounting system.

Would you like more information? Or do you want to be inspired?

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The benefits for architects

  • Unlimited possibilities in ceramic facades

  • Pure craftsmanship

  • Colourfast

  • Leading design and creativity

ESC Dronten enables people to create unique buildings that are in harmony with their surroundings and the environment.

So much architectural freedom

Design whatever you want, we'll take care of the rest. Your ideas no longer have to depend on what is technically required. And not least if they are realized with TONALITY façade tiles. Combine high-quality facade tiles in different sizes, countless colors and with many different surface textures with classic or modern structural building designs - TONALITY gives you the freedom of unlimited design. We don't make big waves here. Apart from maybe 'The Wave' in Denmark.

Different designs color the environment

TONALITY is inspired by examples from nature. You can choose from more than 50 standard colors and designs. And if your desired color is missing from this broad spectrum, almost any color shade can be realized as a special color. Long-term color fastness and UV resistance are still valid.

Information and downloads

Here you can download the information below of the Tonality Façade System.

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Veel verschillende ontwerpen in plaats g

A facade with different aspects

On the surface, more than just a facade. In addition to the wide range of colors and designs, we are an expert in surface finish design. And thanks to the sinter firing process of KERALIS®, TONALITY facade panels get an unprecedented smooth, smooth and dense surface.

Verscheidenheid op de gevel.jpg

When ideas move on ...

New ideas can also be made visible in new colors and surfaces. With its facade panels, TONALITY aims to make sustainable ideas a tangible reality for new and independent buildings. In order to realize these extraordinary buildings, adapted facing bricks are needed.


A tailor-made facade

Design flexibility starts with flexibility in shape and size. TONALITY facade panels can be produced precisely, to within a millimeter from 150 x 300 mm to 400 x 1,600 mm.

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