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Eternit has been producing corrugated fiber cement sheets for the agricultural sector for over a century. The company is a roof specialist for a wide range of agricultural buildings - from stables for dairy cows, beef cattle, pigs, poultry and horses to warehouses for storage - and offers a range of profiled sheets for all possible applications. With all its tradition, Eternit is a reliable partner for the livestock farmer, so that he can shape his future successfully and sustainably. The company wants to create value for the owner of a building, while ensuring sustainability and protecting animal welfare.


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Address: Haven 12

Postal Code: 7471 LV

Place: Goor

T: 0547 - 288 888

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The Ecolor corrugated sheet is the absolute topper within the range of Eternit corrugated sheets, and with good reason!

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The Ecolor Extra corrugated sheet is the most reliable roof covering in terms of snow-tightness and rain-tightness. That is why it is the panel to be used for low roof pitches as well as for long roof surfaces. The well-known advantages of fiber cement naturally also apply to the Ecolor Extra corrugated sheet: sound-insulating, breathable, stainless,...

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Color Vento

The Ecolor Vento corrugated sheet is used to realize a ventilated roof, leaving a narrow opening between each vertical row of corrugated sheets from roof base to ridge. This ensures that the warm moist air of the cattle can escape and that there is a sufficient supply of fresh air in the barn to create an optimal climate in the barn.

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