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Faay is an independent Dutch family business, founded in 1972. We specialize in prefabricated wall systems and ceiling systems for the business market. We develop and produce them in our own factory. Our walls and ceilings are renowned for their unique properties and environmentally friendly character. Worldwide!


'Quality always wins'

Together with 35 employees, we, Mark Faay and Monique de Vos-Faay, give substance to our motto 'quality always wins'. Our goal is to make it easy for you. With ready-made products, the highest quality and the best service.

Loyal clientele

Thinking along with the customer, that is typical Faay. Our personal, professional approach is highly appreciated. Just like our products. Once customers know Faay, they don't want anything else!


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Address: Mijlweg 3

Postal code: 4131 PJ

Place: Vianen

T: 0347-37 66 24

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Partition walls

Do you want to arrange your spaces flexibly and with a life cycle? Faay's partition walls offer optimal freedom of layout. You can easily place them. And easy to disassemble and reuse. Time after time!

Products; king-size panels , VP 54 , VP 70 , HV84 , SP54 / SP70 , VP54 / VP70 wall blocks


Retention walls

Faay retention walls are the perfect solution for noise walls, non-insulating walls, damp walls and ugly walls. Because our retention walls improve both the performance and the appearance of existing walls and facades. You can choose from various space-saving designs, with a fixed or free-standing construction. With Faay retention walls, problem walls are quickly, simply and affordably a thing of the past!

Products; W'all-in-One® basic panels , W'all-in-One® PG60 , W'all-in-One® PG70 , W'all-in-One® PG120 , W'all-in-One® PG110 , W'all-in-One® PG90 , W'all-in-One® freestanding , GP22 , VP35 ,

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Acoustic insulation walls

Do you want living space, accommodation or work space without annoying walls? Without outside noise pollution and with acoustic privacy for your own activities? Faay's acoustic insulation walls offer excellent sound insulation !

Products; IW90 , IW100

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House separating walls

Faay's partition walls offer high-quality sound insulation and high fire resistance . As the name implies, you can adequately separate homes with it. Without a weighted foundation!

Products; IW148 , IW200 / 54 , IW200 / 70


Ceiling systems

Faay offers you problem-free ceiling systems with a stylish look. The unique mounting system is special. Simple, ingenious and labor-cost-effective. In addition, the entire structure guarantees excellent fire-resistant and sound-insulating properties.

Products; 2resist 60 - 60 minutes fire-resistant ceiling , 2resist 120 - 120 minutes extremely fire-resistant ceiling , GP22VO



Faay products are characterized by their quick, easy installation. This applies not only to the walls, but also to the installation of doors and windows in your new wall. For each product we offer matching frames and matching frame panels or reveal sides .

Products; Door frames and glass frames , Frame panel , Reveal


Roof insulation

Sloping roof walls often create a nice atmosphere in a building. Unfortunately, they often cause cold nuisance in winter and heat nuisance in summer. Faay has an effective solution for this: the PG Roofing, a thermally insulating attachment element for sloping roofs. Thanks to the ready-to-use principle, your sloping roof wall is insulated from the inside in the blink of an eye. Without complicated architectural interventions!

Production; PG60 Roofing , PG70 Roofing , PG90 Roofing

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