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"The sustainable design of your outdoor space with products that excel in functionality and design"

  • That is, in short, Falco's mission. To this end, Falco develops, produces and exports street furniture in the broadest sense of the word. We opt for qualitative and durable products, which are characterized by a correct price / quality ratio and lead the way in functionality and design. Via ISO 9001 we guarantee that our customers receive professional treatment; in other words, we want to deliver on what has been agreed!

  • Falco values ​​integrity and trust; we therefore expect our employees, as well as our external partners, to be knowledgeable, dedicated and conduct business correctly.

  • Falco expressly views its activities in the light of its social responsibilities. That is why we pay a lot of attention to the health and safety of our employees. For example, Falco introduced the current criteria for welding fume extraction in 2004 and there is the National Bicycle Plan for employees.

  • Falco also values ​​the user-friendliness, functionality and design of its products. We keep a close eye on the environment, the origin of our raw materials and the social conditions in which they are extracted and produced.

  • We not only pay a lot of attention to the economic lifespan of our products, but also pay attention to the possibilities for reuse of the materials and raw materials used at the end of their lifespan. Falco therefore conforms to the criteria for sustainable purchasing, as drawn up by the government. By obtaining the ISO 14001 certificate, concerns about our environment and our future are not empty words, but tough requirements.

  • Falco markets these products with a business orientation and with profit objectives, which must guarantee continuity, investment strength and the safest possible future. Quality and the environment are two aspects that cannot be ignored in our business operations.



Address: Weitzelweg 8

Postal Code: 7671 EJ

Place: Vriezenveen

T: 0546 55 44 44

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