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Our building products are made to create sustainable indoor and outdoor solutions.

Fetim Group supplies facade cladding, ready-to-paint plywood and roof edge cladding made of plastic, wood and fiber cement under the GevelNet umbrella, especially for the professional processor.

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Other sheet material
For indoor applications we supply various tri- and multiplexes, such as Birch, Meranti, Okoumé, whether or not provided with a primer that immediately saves time. Decorative MDF, Perspex crystal clear plastic and various metal and aluminum plates. In short: “A plate for every job”

DuraStyle sills and window sills in hard stone and composite
Bluestone is a unique and natural material. These dark gray stone window sills and sills are recognizable by the visible 'fossils' in the surface, which provide each window sill and sill with a unique color nuance and structure. The DuraStyle composite window sills and sills consist of 90% quartz sand, one of the hardest raw materials. As a result, the DuraStyle composite window sills and sills are virtually impervious to scratches, moisture and dirt penetration.

Granuflex roof and terrace tiles
These rubber tiles are made from recycled car tires and, in addition to being environmentally responsible, they are also very lightweight. Compared to concrete roof tiles, this saves 50 kg per m², they are easy to cut to size with a Stanley knife and can therefore be laid very quickly on almost any surface. Other properties include frost-resistant, anti-slip properties, sound-insulating and low-maintenance. You can recognize the only Granuflex tile by the unique red quality seal. Interior door frames


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Address: Abram Dudok van Heelstraat

Postal code: 1096 BE

Place: Amsterdam

T: 020-5805333

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Protex®: the best of both worlds

Synthetic façade cladding from Protex offers all the advantages of wood, without the intensive maintenance. Protex has the appearance of wood and processed like wood, but has the durability of plastic facade cladding. Protex offers you the best of both worlds.


Protex Sense consists of a solid core, colored through and through, covered with Renolit foil, with a subtle wooden structure. Protex Urban has an equal basic structure and an embossed wood grain structure. The advantage of this structure is that Protex can be processed like wood: the facade cladding can be applied both horizontally and vertically. In addition, Protex can also be processed with an open joint.

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Profort + is the successor to the successful Profort collection. The Profort range has been completely replaced by this latest generation of facade cladding.

    Luxurious appearance

    Profort + has a matt appearance and a luxurious woodgrain structure. The range consists of single rebate panels and various finishing profiles in matching color. The panels are available from stock in the colors: White, Cream White, Pearl White, Gray Beige, Light Gray and Mouse Gray.

    Widely applicable

    Profort + has various applications in new construction, renovation and recreational construction. The material is impact and shock resistant and therefore also suitable for ground floor applications. In addition, Profort + has fire class B.

    naturetech project.jpeg

    Naturetech® is the facade cladding for those who do not want to choose between the character of wood and the convenience of minimal maintenance.

    Wooden facade cladding

    Wooden facade cladding is very popular because of its beautiful and natural appearance. The disadvantage of wooden cladding is the intensive maintenance. Naturetech combines the best of technology and nature in a low-maintenance and durable facade cladding.

    Natural look

    Naturetech façade cladding is almost indistinguishable from traditional wooden façade cladding. Naturetech is made of wood fibers and finished with a natural looking wood structure.

    uniprime project

    UniPrime: everyone can benefit from UniPrime

    UniPrime is the leading brand among multiplex sheets and the most widely used paint sheet in construction for more than 25 years. In short: everyone wood from UniPrime.

    Solid base

    UniPrime is constructed from durable hardwood veneers. The wood is FSC® certified and comes from trees from an area with an even climate, which does not differ between summer and winter. As a result, the wood has no annual rings and no difference in density as a result of seasonal changes. The wood is therefore very stable and virtually insensitive to moisture ingress. UniPrime falls in durability class 2 and thus has a solid foundation on which to build.

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    Ki-Kern is unique: Standard FSC certified

    The renewed Ki-Kern collection is FSC certified as standard, which is unique in a market where environmental certificates are often only available on request and at an additional cost. With Ki-Kern you help the environment a step in the right direction again.

    Ki-Kern: the core of sustainable design

    Ki-Kern is available in various modern colors and designs and offers designers and architects the space to create a unique design. Ki-Kern is at the heart of sustainable design.


    The thermosetting plastic is reinforced with cellulose fibers and finished with a color layer. In this way, Ki-Kern forms the basis of creative and sustainable designs. Ki-Kern is also (if necessary) finished with a UV-resistant protective layer, which ensures that the color is optimally preserved.

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    ModiWood®: discover the possibilities

    ModiWood® is made of thermally modified wood: this process makes the wood extra durable.

    Wooden facade cladding

    Wooden façade cladding is very popular due to its natural appearance. Moreover, technical developments and innovations have made wooden façade cladding a lot more durable and maintenance-friendly. This way you can enjoy the natural look of wood without having to worry about maintenance.

    Thermally modified wood

    The thermal modification process makes the wood more durable. Thermal modification is a process in which the wood is alternately heated and cooled. The process is carried out completely without the use of chemicals. The heating process gives the wood durable properties and a beautiful dark color.


    PROFILED WOOD (EN 14915) Modiwood Rabat / Color / Plank

    WOOD FIBER COVERING PANEL (EN 13986) Naturetech cladding panel

    PLASTIC ROOF EDGE PROFILE Protex fascia panel

    PLASTIC FAÇADE CLADDING PROFILE (EN 13245-2) Protex Sense rebate part

    PLASTIC FAÇADE CLADDING PROFILE (EN 13245-2) Protex Urban rebate part

    MULTIPLEX COATING PANEL (EN 13986) UniPrime Multiplex facing panel

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