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All people are different. All places are different. So do all our buildings.

We create inspiring places that people can make their own and that can change with them. Houses where people live comfortably. Workplaces where people learn and perform optimally. Places where people meet. Where people want to belong, form a community. Where it's more fun together. There is always a connection with the place, with the history, with memories. With new impulses we strengthen the strength of the existing.

We take responsibility for our work. For over 50 years.

Since our foundation in 1962, we have been building the world around us. A rapidly changing world, in which we have to move with it. As a platform for encounters, we contribute to the social debate. We think about our role and what we leave behind. With feet on the floor and an open mind to a sustainable future.



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Address: Kon. Wilhelminaplein 29

Zip code: 1000 AZ

Place: Amsterdam

T:  T 020 421 24 22

Our thinking is about doing. This new sobriety characterizes our work.

We are a reliable partner for our many regular and new customers. Not the effort, but the result counts. That is why we guarantee quality and craftsmanship. Sober and good. We make plans feasible, feasible and usable. And beautiful too, of course.

We work to improve our daily living environment


We don't just make pretty pictures. We also turn ordinary living and working spaces into interesting places. We do this at all scale levels. From urban space to building and interior. From the largest scale to the smallest detail. We are not concerned with the drawing, but with the end result. A satisfied user is the greatest compliment for our work.


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