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International allure

Translucent spaces with maximum opening options: High-profile architects such as Daniel Libeskind, Herman Hertzberger and Sir Norman Foster opt for the Solarlux folding walls. Tailor-made solutions, high-quality materials and quality provide each individual project with an extraordinary design.

With over 30 years of experience, the family business Solarlux is a household name in the market. As a manufacturer of folding walls, conservatories, garden rooms, balcony glazing and sliding systems, Solarlux offers facade solutions with a lot of openness and maximum transparency, both for new construction and renovation projects. In 2017, Solarlux introduced the new glass folding wall eco- & highline with aluminum profiles, in which all knowledge and know-how were brought together in a multifunctional modular concept with high-quality technical solutions and very good tested values ​​in the field of insulation and soundproofing. In this folding wall concept, variants in wood and wood / aluminum have recently been added, called the woodline and combiline.


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Address: Marie Curiestraat 2

Postal code: 7442 DP

Place: Nijverdal

T: 0548-631323

Onyx Travertin Marble Semi-precious Natural stone Architecture Design Luxury Sunrise Delight Dark Emerald Huvafen Royal Blue Sodalite Rubigo Luna Smokey Quartz Aurea Flamma Amethyst Ganymede Labradorite with Golden Inlay Macarone Amazonite

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