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Who is Svedex?

Expertise, enthusiasm and love for the trade has been what drives us every day since 1954 to make the best lacquered doors. Svedex is the Dutch brand for painted style doors. We have been making innovative collections for more than 60 years and are the expert when it comes to painted style doors. Svedex lacquered style doors make it more beautiful inside. Styles and tastes, wishes and trends are translated into interior doors with character. Whether it concerns line , glass or panel doors , in our versatile collection you will always find an interior door that suits your taste and wishes. In addition, all our style doors are beautifully painted with Svedex Superlak®.

The Dutch family business, with approximately 250 employees, has three production locations spread over the Netherlands and Germany. Svedex has obtained a leading position in the European market through its own sales offices in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium and a representation in other European countries. Because we want to maintain and expand this leading position, we are always open to talent and driven people.


svedex binnendeuren klein logo.jpg

Address: Svedexweg 21

Postal code: 7051 DN

Place: Varsseveld

T: 0315 25 93 20

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