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A brand new solution

for the construction industry

Meet the pioneering achievement of Polish engineering, SYSTEM 3E, that has thrilled the world. This is our home construction technology that uses energy-saving and ecological raw material called perlite.



We are the official distributor of pioneering building materials for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

We are an enthusiastic team of people dedicated to bringing innovation to construction and industry.

Our objectives are to bring new construction methods, cost savings, ecological construction with a low carbon footprint.

We want to meet the strictest requirements in the field of energy saving, fire safety, comfort and a healthy living and working climate.


We focus on application in the construction of homes, offices, schools, government buildings, etc.
For industrial applications, fire safety and noise reduction are an important part of our objectives.


system3e logo klein.png

Address: Westeinde 11

Postal code: 1511 MA

Place: Oostzaan

T: 075-6844979

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no mortar,

no insulation


A single-layer wall of 3E elements has above-average thermal insulation properties – no insulation is required. The plaster alone is enough for the interior, exterior of the building: glue - mesh - glue - plaster.


Click-click bonding


SYSTEM 3E consists of 22 3E elements (including six basic elements). They are all made of perlite - a natural material of volcanic origin. Excellent engineering, precise shape and unique features of the 3E Elements make the building process easier and faster than ever. 3E Elements refer to the shape of Morse (machine) taper - they connect thanks to the click-click method. No mortar, glue or water required.


Basic starting element SO.png
Basic starting element SO 300.png
Basic element S1.png

Basic Start Element SO

Basic Start Element SO 300

Basic Element S1

Half element S1_2.png
Left corner element SNL.png
Right corner element SNP.png

Half-Element S1/2

Left Corner Element SNL

Right Angle Element SNP

Basic Finishing_window element SZ.png
Half Starting Element SO_2.png
Hallfstarting Element SO_2 300.png

Basic Finish / Window Element SZ

Half Start Element SO/2

Half Start Element SO/2 300

Left finishing element SZL.png
Half finishing element SZ_2.png
Left finishing element SZL.png

Left Finish Element SZL

Half Finish Element SZ/2

Left Finish Element SZL

Half finishing element SZ_2.png
Lintel finishing element EWN.png
Right lintel finishing element EWNP.png

Half Finish Element SZ/2

Lintel Finish Element EWN

Judge Lintel Finish Element EWNP

Left lintel finishing element EWNL.png
Fill in element 150 mm UE 150.png
Fill in element 200 mm UE 200.png

Left Lintel Finish Element EWNL

Fill Element 150 mm UE150

Fill Element 200 mm UE 200

Basic lintel element EPN.png
Half window element EO2.png
Lintel element EN.png

Base Lintel Element EPN

Half Window Element EO 2

Lintel Element AND

Right lintel element ENP.png
Left lintel element ENL.png

Right Lintel Element ENP

Left Lintel Element ENL



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