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Address: Hoge Rijndijk 211

Postal Code: 2382 AL

Place: Zoeterwoude

T: 088-0129550

Thor Helical Benelux

About us

Thor Helical is a developer and supplier of high-quality stainless steel construction anchor systems for renovation and the repair and / or reinforcement of masonry with the aim of maintaining or making buildings more sustainable by using products such as renovation wall anchors, masonry anchors and masonry reinforcement. or a combination of our products and systems for damage repair and / or loose masonry above facade openings and / or preventive reinforcement such as lintel repair above facade fillings prior to replacing window frames.


Thor Helical products are made of durable stainless steel, they are helical precision fasteners that quickly solve problems with existing masonry.


Thor Helical's fastening techniques and systems have been used worldwide for decades and offer safe, practical and environmentally friendly solutions for the sustainable repair and reinforcement of masonry and facade maintenance.


The most important prescribed and / or most applied products are renovation wall anchors (stainless steel 316 quality) for the repair and reconnection of wall cavity leaves and the masonry reinforcement systems (stainless steel 304 quality), including 12mm wall anchors for strengthening and connecting building components, ribbon joint reinforcement spiral- anchor rods for crack repair and / or lintel repair are often used in combination with the installation of renovation wall ties.


Thor Helical Benelux is part of the international Thor Helical knowledge network. From our central location we supply our products to professional DIY stores. In addition to technical support with regard to Thor Helical products and systems, we have specific knowledge of all occurring activities with regard to masonry in general.


In 2019 Thor Helical placed the project supervision and various research services at Thor Logical, a new part of inestimable value within our organization. All reports validated by Thor Logical meet all the set requirements and, in addition to observations and conclusions, also offer added value in terms of advice and recommendations.

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TH Air-Twist 9mm renovation wall ties technical information


Thor Helical Benelux
High Rijndijk 211
2382 AL Zoeterwoude

General: 088-0129550

Sales: 088-0129552


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