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Address: Amsterdamsestraatweg 45-G

Postal code: 1411 AX

Place: Naarden

T: 035-5380442


About Viega

With more than 4,000 employees worldwide, the Viega Group is one of the most important manufacturers of installation technology. The success of Viega is being worked on from nine locations. The products are manufactured at 4 locations in Germany. Special solutions for the North American market are manufactured in McPherson (USA); in Wuxi (China), the focus is on production for the Asian market. By focusing the focus and core activities on installation technology, constant growth is possible. In addition to pipe systems, pre-wall and drainage technology are part of the product range. The range includes approximately 17,000 articles that are used almost everywhere: in building technology, utility as well as in industrial installations and shipbuilding.


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profipress, megapress, sanpress, seapress, fonterra underfloor heating, prevista dry, prevista dru plus, prevista pure, Viegaswift, Steptec, Viega Eco Plus, Viega Mono, WC and urinal operating accessories

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