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Address: Postbus 23

Postal Code: 4200 AA

Place: Holten

T: tel: 0183-671234


The airy building material with excellent properties

Ytong aerated concrete is a light, natural building material made from lime, cement and sand. The large amount of closed cells containing stagnant air gives Ytong products unique properties and processing advantages. This allows you to build with Ytong quickly, flexibly, inexpensively and labor-friendly. There is a Ytong solution for every small or large challenge: from an extension or conversion of Ytong blocks and an inner wall of Ytong partition panels to a complete house, built with the Ytong CascoSystem.

The production of Ytong aerated concrete requires relatively little energy, no harmful substances are released and the material is fully recyclable. Building with aerated concrete therefore means building with a sustainable material.

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