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As an architect, you determine the identity of a building. This identity is largely determined by the choice of building material. FALK supplies a wide range of design sandwich panels of which you can determine variables such as insulation value, colour, material, profiling and durability.

A sandwich panel is a building material that combines protection and insulation in one product. The product consists of 3 layers; a steel outer plate with profiling, a layer of insulating foam and a steel inner plate. The profiling on the outside determines the appearance of a building. Available in more than 60 colours, you can create your own design for every building.

FALK insulated design panels
FALK Bouwsystemen has been making and supplying insulated roof and facade panels for 10 years. Building solutions with a high insulation value and a high fire class. FALK provides architects with a great deal of flexibility in creation due to the wide range of options in color and profiling. View the panels that FALK has to offer at our product page and discover all other accessories to finish a building neatly. Would you like to stay informed and be inspired by our latest products and reference projects? Write u here in for the monthly architects newsletter. 

Score BREEAM points with the FALK Pallet Service
All panels from FALK Bouwsystemen are packed on EPS pallets in stretch film. To prevent mess and waste on the construction site, the FALK Pallet Service will collect these pallets again. Click here for more information about the FALK Pallet Service.

Span tables FALK Sandwich panels.
Question here the span tables for the FALK product you want.


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Practical & Design

That goes together! View the FALK products in which functionality and design are not mutually exclusive.

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