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Address: Molenstraat 18

Postal Code: 3927 AC

Place: Renswoude

T: 0318-571411

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Aalbers wico

aalbers | wico: metal company and security specialist

The history of aalbers | wico begins in 1966, when the Aalbers company was founded as a construction workshop in Renswoude. In 2001 the company name changed to aalbers | wico, following the takeover of the architectural security company Wico by Aalbers.

2 divisions, 100 employees, 15,000 m² floor space

We now have more than 15,000 m² of floor space available at our production locations in Renswoude, and more than 100 expert professionals work at aalbers | wico within two independently operating divisions: defense & security and metal & technology.

metal & technology: technical solutions in steel, stainless steel and aluminum

The metal & technology division of aalbers | wico is known as a renowned all-round supplier of technical solutions in steel, stainless steel and aluminum. From semi-finished products and metal constructions to complete machines. In order to continue to serve our customers optimally in this area, we continuously work on improving our processes, methods and techniques.

metal & technique

together for our customer

from flat plate to complete machine

Whether it concerns the processing of a flat plate, the production of semi-finished products or the construction of a complete machine. Metal work is always custom work at aalbers|wico. That was already the case when our company was founded in 1966. Almost 50 years later, we still deliver custom work, but now with the most modern production techniques. We now have more than 15,000 m2 of floor space available. And more than 100 expert professionals who engineer and produce well thought-out solutions in the field of metal and technology. For you, our customer. And together with you, for your customers.

defense & security

the best in architectural security


the specialist in structural security

Within the balanced mix of OBE measures that are necessary to adequately respond to safety risks, the architectural aspects speak least to the imagination. As a result, the importance of structural security is often underestimated. Want to find the right balance of security? aalbers|wico has been regarded as the expert for many years in the field of structural security. At home and abroad. Hundreds of commercial and government buildings around the world are already equipped with our solutions. Sophisticated architectural constructions, perfectly attuned to the organizational and electronic aspects of security.










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