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MIX architecture designs special and healthy living environments, both landscape and urban, and attractive plans in healthcare and non-residential construction. Our nationally operating architectural firm employs 30 professionals.

What is our mission?

Creating distinctive, contemporary and accessible architecture that touches people. We want to enrich our living environment with optimistic, friendly and honest architecture. To achieve this, we use our enthusiasm, craftsmanship, knowledge and drive so that our dreams can actually be built.

Designing from an integrated approach

Our added value consists of the integral approach. We develop a total vision for each assignment in which knowledge of the market, architecture & urban planning, feeling & imagination and design & technology are inextricably linked.

Creating a unique living experience

Inspired by the place, we create a unique living experience that goes further than just the home designs. Living environments with character and their own signature are created from an integrated vision of urban planning, landscape and architecture.

Atmospheric, contemporary architecture

We strive for distinctive architecture with a contemporary look. Based on a clear concept, we look for “an own story”. Each location and task gives rise to specific solutions. By quickly switching and imagining, we make possibilities transparent and a story grows that becomes tangible. We illustrate our vision with attractive images and we try to make people enthusiastic.

A nice MIX

The mix of disciplines, ambitions, craftsmanship and drive has resulted in successful plans, both in a design and an organizational sense.

Solution-oriented with an open attitude to work

By listening carefully and thinking along conceptually, we want to build bridges and together find the right answer for each specific task.

Making architecture together

With enthusiasm and passion we work as a team on beautiful plans in which we challenge other team members to get the most out of every assignment.


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Address: Argonstraat 24

Zip code: 6718 WT

Place: Ed

T:  T 0318 – 648950

A full service architectural firm

Our agency is a full-service agency that can design and engineer building plans with the available personal qualities. This is done in a lean design process where we work with three-dimensional drawing models in all phases. Proper exchange and coordination of information prevents construction errors, ensures an efficient process and helps the builder with proper construction preparation.

An open organization with short lines

We are a compact organization with driven and passionate people with a lot of personal knowledge, quality and experience. We work together in one room and have a flat organization. This prevents tuning loss.

Naturally sustainable

We have a constant eye for sustainability in our work. We believe it is very important to create a sustainable living environment. We do this by integrating technology as a matter of course, by using sustainable materials that age beautifully and by co-designed flexibility. This creates a pleasant and sustainable living environment for now and in the future.

Innovative and on the move

As a company we want to continue to develop. We follow current developments and delve into the possibilities. For example, we have taken the first concrete steps in circular construction in a climate-adaptive residential environment. The award-winning design of the Waldschap hamlet in Eindhoven has distinguished itself with a maximum score for image quality and sustainability. We also work in a 3D working environment and we continue to delve into new techniques and possibilities.

Connected to education

We like to share knowledge and experience and we also like to be inspired by young talent. To encourage this, we are affiliated with various educational institutions. We regularly supervise students from the local Technasium, enthuse young students with taster internships and work with architecture students from the Academy of Architecture and architecture trainees from HAN, among others.

A strong team spirit

We enjoy working closely with a close-knit team. With joint excursions and construction visits, we enrich our expertise and strengthen our team spirit.


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Gorter - Bramantecarre

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