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kerssens de equestrian architects (kdra) is an independent, broadly and regionally oriented office whose strength lies in the integrated approach to its assignments. It has the capacity and expertise to advise during the initiation phase of construction and development projects. 

In addition, it provides complete process supervision from sketch to delivery. kerssens de equestrian architects therefore sees itself as a master builder of the 21st century. Decisiveness and intensive involvement are the norm at kdra. The integral approach ensures that kdra designs are carefully distilled products in which all sub-problems are translated into a sound and appealing solution. Architecture is the binding means of expression to give this process a face.  



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Luttik Oudorp 81

1811 MV


072 511 13 93

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The firm was founded on April 1, 2001 by two partners John Kerssens and Peer de Ruiter, who met in 1993 at the academy of architecture in Amsterdam. During their studies it soon became apparent that both thought in the same way about the essence of architecture. After graduating in 2000, they decided to start Kersens | to erect the equestrian architects. The designers, project managers and draughtsmen at kerssens | the riders are all all-round professionals. In addition to solid construction and process knowledge, all employees have a preference for architecture. The goal is to realize high-quality and solid sustainable projects together with all parties.


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