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Our office has existed for more than 50 years and has been known as Spierings & Swart Architectenbureau since 1996.

We realize assignments in renovation, transformation and new construction and in various sectors such as housing, care, education, sports, recreation, office and business.

For us, the user is central and the requirements of the client are realized within budget.

We guide you from the preparation phase to the implementation phase. This means that we make specifications, drawings, EPN calculation, building code data and calculations. The quality and specialty of our agency is to follow the story from the beginning to the end.

Sustainable architecture

We strive for a clear and efficient architecture. Sustainability plays a major role in this. This means that we develop buildings based on a circular economy with low energy consumption, a very good indoor climate, little maintenance and environmentally harmful activities are avoided as much as possible. We design and build based on the principle “structural work is completion” with the aim of minimizing maintenance. This gives our architecture a natural aesthetic durability.


We know how to complete our assignments within a limited budget. We have completed many assignments for housing projects in the social rented sector. Here "a lot goes for little", based on this attitude and experience we make feasible plans.

Due to our way of drawing with BIM software, the surface states are linked to the drawing, the 3D model.

Size and quantities can be followed closely and

thereby adapting the budgeting and calculation to the development of the design. The design can be adjusted per phase on the basis of the financial analysis.

Our knowledge of cost-conscious design and our drive to continue until the design is right leads to an optimal result in which the client recognizes himself and exceeds his expectations.


Powerful designs are created through intense collaboration with continuous dialogue. Not only with clients, but also with specialists and consultants. In the field of construction, acoustics, sound insulation, installations and fire safety, we work together with consultants from our extensive network that has been built up over the years.

We also share our office with BIM specialists, BIMnD, Dankers Slimmer Bouwen and the graphic design agency Seña Designers. We call ourselves Werkplaats 42 42. Here we share information and knowledge, stay up-to-date and use each other's capacity.

Integrated design

Our fully automated office works with advanced BIM software in which it is possible to process spatial information in all phases of the design and construction process and support decisions and avoid construction errors.

By using this software, we are able to simultaneously draw a model with several draftsmen and consultants, a so-called open BIM. In this way, we can draw up structural elements and installations in close cooperation with the constructor and installers to illustrate bottlenecks at an early stage and to achieve optimal coordination for an integrated design.


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Address: Aalsmeerderweg 285E

Postal Code: 1432 CN

Place: Aalsmeer

T: 0297 548 168



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