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The architectural firm was created in 1996 from a merger between:


– architectural firm Meyer Viol en Sondeijker at Gaspeldoorn 32 in Maastricht (founded in 1985) where 2 people were employed at the time of the merger. This agency specialized in restoration/renovation and interior projects.


– architectural and engineering firm Duijsens BV at Eurenderstraat 17 in Kerkrade (founded in 1965) which employed 6 people at the time of the merger. This office specialized in school construction and buildings in the healthcare sector.


A new office building was built in 2000. In 2005, the head office was further expanded to an area of 1,100 m2. In January 2007, the name Architectenbureau Duijsens & Meyer Viol BV was changed to DMV architects.


The building as well as the interior including the furniture is our own design.


dmv architecten logo klein.jpg

Address: HJ Nederhorststraat 1

Postal Code: 2801 SC

Place: Gouda

T: 0182 59 06 00

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The architecture draws its inspiration from the questions and assignments that are posed to the intended building: what is the building used for (what function or functions will it fulfill) and what visual expression should it have, also in relation to its surroundings?
A building does not require a design that is the product of the architect's vision of architecture. What is requested is an architecture that has simply grown from the question, and that has been shaped into a program of requirements and has a clear connection with the environment. What is demanded is an architecture that explores the relationships between program and question, between technology and experience, and that explores the boundaries of the possible in order to shape this expressively, inventively and yet carefully. The choice should come from the content. In this way, architecture makes contact with users and the environment and it does not remain an isolated world that is understandable only to a few. The building answers the questions that are put to it.



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