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WnS Architects is an experienced team of architects and structural engineers. Every day we get to work on a variety of beautiful plans for enthusiastic clients. What a beautiful profession we have, to design new spaces from scratch in which people enjoy living and working. We have become a household name in the Westland region, and we are working hard for the rest of the Netherlands.


WnS Architects will not simply design a house for you, but we will take you on the adventure of building your own house. We listen, ask the right questions and provide inspiration. We empathize in order to strike the right chord and arrive at a great design for your home. Our customers often already have an idea of what they would like, but we still manage to surprise them time and time again.

Designing is personal, creates emotion and is always different. Different because our customers are all different. Each with its own living experience, but all with a dream. We can realize that dream.


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Personalized approach

The relationship with our customers is based on trust. In our personal approach we like to build a good relationship with our clients. We want to be your sparring partner, advisor and confidant during the entire construction project and we will represent your interests in achieving the optimal end result. We unburden, guide and inspire you throughout the entire process. We also teach you how to build a house.

“Living dreams” are personal and different for everyone. Living is experiencing, coming home and a sense of security. We translate your living dream into an exclusive design and create your own living experience together with you.

WnS Architects realizes exclusive homes throughout the Netherlands. We believe in total design, in which building, interior and garden come together. They complement each other and provide the total experience.

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