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NBS has been offering the construction sector its own specification system since 2018.
The specification system of NBS is characterized by simplicity and offers up-to-date data tested against legislation and regulations for reliable specifications. The NBS database is well-arranged and has a clear chapter structure and division according to the traditional work types classification. The vast majority of building specifications in the Netherlands are written using this classification. 

The NBS chapters follow the sequence of work types in the construction process as in the original SRW (Standard Reference Specifications for Residential Building). They are then all unambiguously constructed from standardized paragraphs. As a result, in every chapter, every type of information can be found in the same place. The functional and existing work sections are fully completed in all chapters. Any provisional items are also included as a paragraph under the chapters.

In addition to the Construction Products Regulation, NBS also incorporates European directives such as the Low Voltage Directive, the Gas Appliances Directive, the Pressure Equipment Directive and the Lifts Directive. NBS thus contains the most up-to-date standards arising from these regulations and directives. At the request of the painting industry, the chapter on painting (47) has been arranged in the same way as the basic paint specifications. As a result, quotes from painting companies match the NBS specification texts one-on-one.

The piping for each installation is included in the mechanical engineering chapters. This prevents accidentally prescribing pipes that are not permitted by law.
The building material specifications of manufacturers include a hyperlink to the product information on the manufacturer's website. This is the so-called NBS 'Linked data specification'. This provides the specifier with the correct and most up-to-date information at the right place in the specification system. This also prevents double entry of data, which saves time and money and prevents errors. A PDF project specification can also include the hyperlink that allows a contractor to easily consult the manufacturer's information for the building material specification.
The NBS specification system can be used free of charge by the prescribing market. The latest developments are the addition of the NEN2699 and NL/SfB module. Making an element cutlery has become a piece of cake in the NBS cutlery system. 

In cube Spexx it is very easy to switch from elements to work types.

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More freedom and flexibility


With KUBUS Spexx you can easily write any kind of cutlery. Whether it is NBS specifications or NL/SfB or NEN2699 elements specifications; it doesn't matter to CUBE Spexx. Or use your own codes and specifications, save them in favorites.

You can quickly browse through reference specifications with the navigation window. Or you use the acclaimed browser with preview. The keyword index contains a search function for manufacturers and products.

Modern word processor

CUBE Spexx works like a modern word processor. This unique approach ensures a minimal number of actions. Choose a blank text with one mouse click or type directly in the desired place with the desired formatting.

Chosen by professionals

Every day, nearly 2,000 specifiers choose KUBUS Spexx. Every year they describe thousands of structures and more than 70% of all NBS specifications. KUBUS Spexx offers intuitive functionality for both novice and experienced specifiers.

Element cutlery

You need an element specification to be able to link with BIM. With KUBUS Spexx this is no longer a problem and when making an element specification, a traditional NBS work type specification is also immediately created. Elements in accordance with NL/SfB and NEN 2699 and recipes in accordance with NBS.

Gekozen door professionals

Dagelijks kiezen bijna 2.000 bestekschrijvers voor KUBUS Spexx. Jaarlijks beschrijven zij duizenden bouwwerken en meer dan 70% van alle NBS-bestekken. KUBUS Spexx biedt intuïtieve functionaliteit voor zowel beginnende als ervaren bestekschrijvers.


Een elementenbestek heb je nodig om te kunnen koppelen met BIM. Met KUBUS Spexx is dat geen probleem meer en ontstaat bij het maken van een elementenbestek direct ook een traditioneel NBS werksoortenbestek. Elementen conform NL/SfB en NEN 2699 en recepten conform NBS.


Would you like to write a specification, but the costs are too high? Then we have the solution with the PayPerUse licenses from KUBUS Spexx. With a credit of 20 hours you can get started right away. Every month you will receive an invoice for the hours used. These will be collected automatically and the credit will be upgraded to 20 hours.
Costs per hour: €8,-

This KUBUS Spexx license uses a specification catalog. If you would like to make use of this, we would like to refer you to Dutch cutlery system.

Temporary extra licenses, or few specifications?

If you write specifications for less than 100 hours per year, the PayPerUse license is an interesting option. The license is available anytime, anywhere, even at colleagues' workplaces. The license is automatically activated and deactivated on startup and shutdown. You only pay for the time the program is in use. Are you a KUBUS Spexx service subscriber and do you want temporary extra capacity? Even then the PayPerUse license offers a solution!


Our sales offices are located in Eindhoven (head office and postal address) and in Hasselt (BE).

We offer courses in Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Hasselt and Erpe-Mere. If you want to reach someone at one of our branches, we will gladly put you through. 

We can be reached at



+31 (0)40 213 1950

Office Hasselt:

+32 (0)11 98 88 44





Help desk


The NBS team is ready for you

The only party in the Netherlands that draws attention to your building materials in all construction phases.

Bringing your building material to the attention of target groups with potential can often be quite a task, NBS takes care of it with its own developed marketing system that also succeeds.

CONSULTAND:with the help of NBS building materials you can inform 80,000 to 100,000 potential customers per month about your offer. Think of architects(incl. interior and landscape architecture), specifiers, property managers, building contractors and consultancy firms. With an extensive profile, quotations can even be requested directly from your sales department, we make browsable files of your PDF files and you can have banners placed.

TO INFORM :By means of a direct link with your NBS building materials page to the specification specification drawn up for you, you inform both the specifier and the recipient of the specification with the information you have made available. This information is in principle unlimited and can vary from product information to installation and assembly manuals.

TO ADVERTISE :you can have unlimited messages posted on NBS building materials, Linkedin and Facebook. The reach of these messages is on average between 2,000 and 3,000 readers.

SPECIFY :NBS supplies a specification system that can be used by the specifier free of charge. Here you can include your building materials, already specified with the characteristics you specified, so that it is very easy for the specifier to include your product in the specifications. The NBS cutlery system can also be directly linked via NBS-SFB to the mmost popular BIM software Revit and Archicad. The NBS cutlery system currently has more than 2,000 users.

Your product marketing at NBS:

  • Inclusion in NBS cutlery system

  • Direct link with BIM software

  • Direct link between product and specifications

  • Inclusion in

  • browsable pdf files

  • Receiving offers

  • Unlimited posting of messages via our Social Media channels and blog.

  • Placing banners

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