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Creating space for all

Think along. Think further. Enable.

A conference in the afternoon, a theater performance in the evening. At the beginning of the day a meeting with the four of us, at the end of the day a drink with the entire department. With the Cradle to Cradle certified mobile walls from Espero, a room gets more than one function and more than one atmosphere. There are as many destinations as we can come up with together.

From office to church, from sports hall to hotel, from theater to university; we have created smart solutions worldwide for the most diverse buildings . All this thanks to good cooperation between our own people and our clients. By listening and inspiring. And then just do it.

Espero: global player with a Dutch SME mentality.


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Address: Sluisweg 26-28

Postal code: 5145 PE

Place: Waalwijk

T: 0416-338955



UniPrime: everyone wood from UniPrime

UniPrime is the A brand among plywood sheets and has been the most commonly used paint sheet in the construction industry for more than 25 years. In short: everyone wood from UniPrime.

Solid base

UniPrime is constructed from sustainable hardwood veneers. The wood is FSC® certified and comes from trees from an area with a uniform climate, which does not differ between summer and winter. The wood therefore has no annual rings and has no difference in density due to seasonal changes. The wood is therefore very stable and virtually insensitive to moisture absorption. UniPrime falls into durability class 2, providing a solid foundation on which to build. 

Optimal paint adhesion

The panels are provided on both sides with a unique paint layer with phenol coating, which guarantees a quick finish and optimum paint adhesion. Painting the back is no longer necessary with this paint layer. That saves time and money! In addition, UniPrime's top veneer does not contain splits, gabs or other repairs. This prevents drawing through in the paintwork and you are assured of an optimal end result.

Those who can count, count on UniPrime!

Painting the back is not necessary with UniPrime, which means that you can finish painting twice as quickly and use at least 50% less paint. UniPrime has a special paint layer with phenol coating, which ensures optimum paint adhesion. UniPrime processes 3x faster than other plywood paint plates.  

In short: anyone who can count, counts on UniPrime!


ModiWood®: discover the possibilities

ModiWood® is made from thermally modified wood: this process makes the wood extra durable.


Wooden facade cladding

Wooden facade cladding is very popular due to its natural appearance. Technical developments and innovations have also made wooden facade cladding a lot more durable and maintenance-friendly. This way you can enjoy the natural look of wood without having to worry about maintenance.


Thermally modified wood

The process of thermal modification makes the wood more durable. Thermal modification is a process in which the wood is alternately heated and cooled. The process is carried out completely without the use of chemicals. The wood gets durable properties and a beautiful dark color through the heating process.  



ModiWood is made from PEFC™ certified wood. The wood has been thermally modified and has therefore acquired extra sustainable properties. ModiWood cladding is therefore durable and maintenance-friendly. The ModiWood range consists of different products and designs. ModiWood is available in a brushed and smoothly planed version. ModiWood Clear is made of radiata pine: this wood is characterized by a velvety soft appearance without knots.


Protex®: the best of both worlds

Plastic facade cladding from Protex offers all the benefits of wood, without the intensive maintenance. Protex has the appearance of wood and is processed like wood, but has the durability of plastic facade cladding. Protex offers you the best of both worlds.



Protex Sense consists of a solid core colored through and through, covered with decorative foil, with a subtle wood structure. Protex Urban has an equal basic structure and an embossed wood grain structure. The advantage of this construction is that Protex can be processed like wood: the facade cladding can be applied both horizontally and vertically. In addition, Protex can also be processed with an open joint.


Rebate model

The rebate model not only makes it possible to process Protex facade cladding both horizontally and vertically, but also means that the product can be attached invisibly. The end result is a beautiful facade without visible screws and nails. 


Finishing profiles

Finishing the ends is not necessary due to the unique construction of Protex. Protex can be painted with an edge lacquer for a sleek finish. However, the range also includes various connectors and finishing profiles.


Responsible choice

Protex is not only a responsible choice in the field of low-maintenance facade cladding, but also in the field of sustainable facade cladding. Protex is not only made of durable plastic, but is also produced according to the most important environmental standard: ISO 14001. Finally, Protex is fully recyclable.  


Ki-Kern is unique: Standard FSC certified

The updated Ki-Kern collection is FSC certified as standard, which is unique in a market where environmental certificates are often only available on request and at an additional cost. With  Ki-Kern you help the environment one step in the right direction. 

Ki-Kern: the core of sustainable design

Ki-Kern is available in various modern colors and designs and offers designers and architects the scope to create a unique design. Ki-Kern is the core of sustainable design.



The thermosetting plastic is reinforced with cellulose fibers and finished with a color layer. This is how Ki-Kern forms the basis of creative and sustainable designs. Ki-Kern is also (if necessary) finished with a UV-resistant protective layer, which ensures that the color is optimally preserved.

Room for creativity

Ki-Kern is available from stock in various colors and designs. Combining these colors and designs offers designers room for creativity. Moreover, the panels are so easy to process that it is also possible to cut Ki-Kern into geometric shapes, for example, and thus provide the facade with its own unique look. Ki-Kern can also be supplied in other colors and designs on request. Even the dimensions and thickness of the material can be determined in consultation. 


Wooden facade cladding

Wooden facade cladding is very popular because of its beautiful and natural appearance. The disadvantage of wooden facade cladding is the intensive maintenance. Naturetech combines the best of technology and nature in low-maintenance and sustainable facade cladding.

Natural look

Naturetech cladding is almost indistinguishable from traditional wooden cladding. Naturetech is made of wood fibers and finished with a natural-looking wood structure.

Thermoplastic paint layer

Naturetech is finished with a thermoplastic paint layer, which protects the material against aging and the influences of the weather. Painting the facade cladding is a thing of the past thanks to this special coating.


Naturetech is not only made from wood from FSC® certified forests, but is also provided with a permanently elastic paint layer, which makes painting superfluous. Naturetech is not only maintenance-friendly, but also environmentally friendly.

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