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Maasland access solutions

Maasland Groep is a Dutch company and has been active since 1986 as an internationally operating product, service and knowledge supplier in the field of access solutions. By using our products, the entrances and exits become safer and more user-friendly.

Our mission is to provide and advise on integrated total access security solutions that ensure the safety and protection of people and their belongings.

Our expertise in the field of electronic and mechanical access security enables us to realize effective and efficient solutions, while observing the highest possible quality and reliability towards our customers.

Vic works together

In a country like the Netherlands where strict standards are set for the built environment, construction projects only succeed if there is close cooperation between the parties involved. Vic Obdam is a team player. Together with, among others, the architect and contractor, we adopt a constructive position in the construction team. A matter of open communication, flexibility and give and take. We work in systems that strengthen and streamline an integrated approach, such as the Building Information Model (BIM). For large-scale, complex projects, we also effortlessly expand internal collaboration. We use the 3D drawing program Tekla Structures, which allows multiple drafters to work in the same model.

Vic stands out

Renovating or renovating is delicate work, especially if the assignment concerns a monumental building. If you need to intervene in the steel construction, you prefer to work with a steel constructor who maneuvers carefully and with expertise. Vic Obdam has the expertise and innovative techniques to complete any renovation job. In fact, the more challenging, the more fun! We are able to scan the entire building 360 degrees so that we know in detail how the infrastructure works. To replace existing load-bearing elements with – new – steel columns and beams, we relieve the structure and provide a different stress distribution. This jacking is also a specialty of Vic Obdam.

Vic makes custom

Whether it concerns a spiral staircase that is gracefully twisted around an elevator or a special frame in which (L-shaped) balconies are raised level. Some steel constructions cannot be made as standard. The tastes of our clients or the conditions that are set for a design differ too much for that. We regularly operate outside the existing frameworks. Customization stimulates our creativity and ingenuity. Are special machines needed to make parts? Then our old mechanization heart will beat faster. Even if you have special wishes and needs, you have come to the right place at Vic Obdam.


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Address: De Hoogjens 51-55a

Postal Code: 4254 XV

Place: Sleeuwijk

T: 088-5002800

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