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At Sonesto we don't think in boxes when it comes to lockers. We go for something new, something beautiful, something unique. A product that blends seamlessly into any room. A product designed to exceed user expectations. Easy to use, but surprising in its possibilities.

Storing your belongings gives a sense of freedom and security. It allows pupils and students to focus, employees to perform better and visitors to relax. With over 35 years of experience in locker systems, we at Sonesto know what our users need. We are driven by innovation and sustainability and have an eye for detail, function and design. We are only satisfied when our users leave their most valuable belongings with peace of mind.


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Address: Postbus 75

Postal Code: 6640 AB

Place: Beuningen

T: 088-9965555

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The stylish locker systems are designed with an eye for form, innovation and sustainability. From a beautiful design to a functional design. We offer lockers that blend in completely with any interior or public space. With smart innovations and sustainable solutions, our team of specialists exceeds the wishes of your target group.

At Sonesto, it is in our DNA to devise, design and develop smart solutions. The DNA of our suppliers contains exactly the same gene. With their specific expertise regarding material, part or processing process, they know how to make the most effective production step time and time again. We work together with specially selected partners so that we can get the best out of our lockers and lockers and provide optimal advice.

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