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KOSA bamboo specializes in bamboo that has been compressed under high pressure into a solid material with the strength and benefits of hardwood. The extremely strong fiber and warm color of bamboo lends itself perfectly to a variety of applications within an interior design. Due to the high CO2 absorption and the extreme growth characteristics of bamboo, the material is ecologically very sound.

Solid pressed bamboo

Thanks to the preservation of the long bamboo fiber in the material, a strong and wear-resistant structure is created that is comparable to a wood grain. The bamboo is therefore the same color and structure through and through and can be processed like almost any type of wood. The natural color of bamboo under the trunk is light yellow, which we call natural, by heating the material, the brown caramel color is created through and through (caramelization of the natural sugars). The end product should be protected against moisture and stains with a lacquer or furniture oil. You can also use this to emphasize the desired appearance.



Many products from our price list are custom-produced in the Netherlands. This allows us to respond flexibly to your demand and keep delivery times short. The production of customized products also reduces waste. What is not used is not paid for and does not end up in the waste bin.




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Bamboo frames

The strength and stability of solid pressedbamboo beamsis ideal for the production of interior frames. The color and structure give a fresh and modern look with the warmth of a wood grain, suitable for any interior design. Thanks to the high density, these durable frames can take a beating and have favorable fire-retardant properties. Extremely suitable for non-residential construction such as in school construction, care facilities and other public places. Available with FSC certification on request.

We can offer bamboo window frames in both dark caramel and light natural colours. We supply KOSA solid pressed bamboo and laminated bamboo in various sizes up to 5.4 meters, these long lengths are produced by means of finger joints per 1.8 metres. KOSA bamboo offers standard head sizes such as 120x72mm, but also different sizes on request. Lengths and head sizes are produced to order to maximize material efficiency and reduce waste. See ourproduct listFor more information.

KOSA bamboo is in possession of certification for supplying 60-minute fire-resistant frames in various configurations, made with KOSA solid pressed bamboo. Ask about the area of application in combination with glass and doors.

We are happy to advise you personally about the possibilities and details of our bamboo variants and applications. Take it easyContactvia email or telephone for your questions.


Bamboo beams, planks and slats


Solid pressed bamboo beams have a wood grain structure thanks to the preservation of the long interwoven fibres. These very compact beams are sawn to the desired thickness and width into planks and slats. Bamboo planks can be widened and extended again with glue joints, very similar to woodworking. Think about thispanels and countertops,window framesorsteps. Solid bamboo, in contrast to sheet material, always maintains a solid appearance in every view. Bamboo planks and slats are widely used in ceiling and wall decoration or as a basis for bamboo furniture.

Of course it is also possible to purchase beams, planks or slats of "bamboo wood" from us. We offer this material raw or planed in the color caramel and natural in various sizes. More information can be found in ourproduct list.

We are happy to advise you personally about the possibilities and details of our bamboo variants and applications. Take it easyContactvia email or telephone for your questions.

Bamboo plates and panels


At KOSA bamboo import you can find bamboo plates and solid panels. You can choose from bamboo plates and panels in different styles, thicknesses and colours. For example, we have solid pressed bamboo in a rich, dark caramel color and a light natural color. The color and structure of our bamboo products give a fresh and modern look to any interior design. We supply standard bamboo plates and panels as well as custom semi-finished products to furniture makers, interior builders or joinery factories. It is also possible to have treatments carried out, such as milling out a sink or applying furniture oil or lacquer. Are you curious about the possibilities? Take completely without obligationContactcontact us, we will be happy to talk to you. More information is also available in ourproduct list


Bamboo plates and panels can be sawn to any desired thickness. We can also create the desired width and length by means of gluing, as is done with solid wood. We supply sheet material that is constructed from cross-glued layers in a commercial size of 2440x1220 mm. We are therefore more free in terms of dimensions with solid pressed bamboo, which we can supply to size up to 5400 mm long and 1800 mm wide. We usually produce your order to order. This way we handle the material efficiently and you have immediate customization without unnecessary waste. In theproduct listyou can read more about our products per m2 or standard boards and furniture panels.


Bamboo stairs and steps


Stair treads made of solid pressed "bamboo wood" are not only beautiful and durable, but also very wear-resistant. Both in the home and in public areas, bamboo stairs are subject to very little wear and tear and require little maintenance. The compact fibers of the bamboo provide unparalleled hardness and very good fire-retardant properties.  We supply these steps in both caramel and naturalsolid bamboo which means that the material shows the appearance of the bamboo fibers (wood grain) in every view and has a block/layer structure. In addition, we can combine the same material with many handrail profiles, landings, floors, window frames and wall coverings made of solid pressed bamboo.


KOSA bamboo also supplies raw bamboo material in standardplanksandpanelsfor gluing or contouring yourself. It is also possible to purchase stair treads as a finished product, including lacquer and anti-slip. See also our additional products such as floorboards for landings and anti-slip products. For more information read us -

stairs information sheetorgeneral product list

Bamboo floors

KOSA bamboo floors are very durable and fit seamlessly with our other products made of solid pressed bamboo. Our tongue and groove floorboards are fully glued and are also suitable for underfloor heating. Thanks to their handy dimensions, they can easily be combined with stair coverings, podiums or small corners. The top layer of solid pressed bamboo is 4mm thick and can withstand the heaviest loads and intensive use. Beneath this top layer is 6mm cross-glued bamboo for a very stable floor part. Thanks to the minimal edge finish, there are virtually no grooves visible in the surface, which makes intensive cleaning possible without dirt accumulation. This bamboo parquet is delivered untreated as standard and can be provided with a floor oil or parquet varnish of your choice on site. Complete the project with the matching skirting boards, thresholds and finishing slats made of solid pressed bamboo. More information in our generalproduct list.


KOSA bamboo supplies floors as well as parquet glue, parquet lacquer or oil and has various skirting profiles to put together a complete package. We can advise you on the choice of adhesives and finishing products that best suit the wishes of use, laying the floor and the appearance of the end result. For help with laying, we can give you extensive advice or put you in touch with an experienced parquet installer.

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