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A good idea - based on creativity, expertise and experience - translated into a beautiful and well-functioning building, that is architecture to us. Every project is unique and requires its own interpretation. Whether it concerns a home, school, office building, swimming pool or urban plan. Our architecture avoids preconceived stylistic features. Our buildings can be restrained and minimal, but also expressive and exuberant, depending on the client's request or the environment.

We make special architecture for special clients. Conversations with our clients are very important. We take the time and space for research, surprises and new insights. To jointly arrive at a vision for a project, together with the client, users and all other parties involved. We design and build for people, focusing on physical, mental and social well-being.


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New School Street 52

2514 Hz

The Hague

Phone 070 356 28 91

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Professionalism is indispensable, with a broad knowledge and experience, both in the field of construction technology, construction methods and process management. We achieve quality through careful elaboration down to the last detail and good construction supervision, in which cost control plays an important role. We do not design separate elements - facade, layout, technology, landscape - but strive for one integrated design. In addition, we rely on a simple organizational structure with a clear approach, short lines of communication and clear points of contact.

The open structure of our medium-sized agency is reflected in the building and the organisation. With its location in the center of The Hague, this is an optimal situation for the fusion of creativity and professionalism. Contact with others is essential in developing our ideas. They tempt us to different perspectives and force us to tighten up or put things into perspective. We always call in specialized constructors and consultants and when a task requires this, we work together with landscape architects and urban planners to achieve an optimal result.


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