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Our clients love modern contemporary architecture and believe that their future project should fit like an exclusive tailor-made suit. They attach great value to good advice – with room for their own input. Personal guidance, cost control of the budget, quality in detail and no surprises. Our clients also appreciate the total concept, which also includes a design for the interior and the environment. So a logical whole is created that is completely correct. Life cycle sustainability, living in combination with working, flexibility, sustainability and energy efficiency are themes that are receiving a lot of attention. We look at aspects that increase quality of life, provide financial added value, and are important for the environment. 

There is no limit to distance. Lab32 has designed projects in the extreme tip of South Limburg, but also in West Friesland and far across the border in Belgium.

It starts with a no-obligation introduction. If there is a "click", we would like to propose to make a follow-up appointment. After studying your wishes, the budget and the location, we make a first sketch impression.


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Mrs van der Meijstraat 14

6243 AP


043 – 3655536

The design is always unique and tailored to your personal wishes. If you are enthusiastic about the design, we will further develop this into a preliminary design and make a cost overview. After the final design, we continue with the specifications drawings, including all details. With this we apply for the building permit for you in accordance with the Building Decree, including the necessary calculations.

As an extra service, within the usual fee, we make sketches of the interior, the lighting and the surroundings. This completes your project. When all plans have been fully worked out and described, we can put the whole out to tender for you with the contractors and conduct the negotiations up to and including the implementation contract.

When the time comes for your project to become reality, we can take care of all communication with the contractor, ensure that what is on the construction drawings is actually built, and arrange all financial matters, including delivery and aftercare.

Lab32 Architects is affiliated with the Association of Dutch Architects (BNA).


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