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At the to buildIt is important to stay within your budget and schedule. However, building without the necessary experience means that high costs are often the rule rather than the exception. In such a case, obtaining specialist building advice is a good idea. You benefit from the years of experience of someone else!

The experts at BBAN are happy to assist you with construction advice, whether it concerns making sound plans and budgeting, or finding the right contractor. Do you need an environmental permit to start building or renovating? Even then we are happy to be at your side. 

Finally, we are also there if you need aftercare. If something went wrong during construction, we will make sure it is resolved.

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Over the past 15 years, BBAN has grown into the construction consultancy in the Netherlands. Our secret? Satisfied customers thanks to good help at a competitive rate. Our consultants help you from start to finish with the construction or renovation of your home or building. Think of spatial planning, architecture, cost estimation, specifications, and regulations and security. We have the knowledge and experience to provide you with construction advice in all phases.

That always starts with the building application. Before you can get started, you must apply for an environmental permit through the municipality. You are eligible if your application meets certain strict requirements.

You can count on us for this. Your ideas and starting points are summarized in a Program of Requirements (PoR), which is compiled on the basis of strict guidelines.


Once you can start building or renovating, it is important that all matters are clearly on paper. Who does what and at what cost? All technical specifications and general provisions are described in het building specifications. BBAN records this completely and clearly, which is essential to properly supervise the construction itself. Clear agreements mean lower costs and less loss of time.

The contract must also be signed by the contractor. He/she hereby declares to carry out the work in accordance with the requirements and specifications. These are drawn up by one of our specialists. Because we know we can rely on contractors and we know who we are dealing with, we can make clear agreements at a competitive price. Ultimately, that advantage is also important to you. This is how we earn our money back twice over.


When you start a project, it is useful to know what to expect in terms of costs. A precise indication is difficult to give, but with our handy construction calculator  you will come a long way. Would you like more detailed building advice? Please contact us for a free personal (and completely non-binding) consultation! 


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