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We are..

Carlo Abdul and Jasper van Rijn. Founders of ENZO. Architecture is not their job, but their passion. As a child they were always drawing and building. One in Nieuw-Vennep in the Netherlands, the other on Bonaire. Jasper the business, Carlo the creative brain.

Both went through mbo, hbo and technical university. The advantage of this learning route is that they oversee the entire construction process: from concept to implementation. They met each other at the HTS and chose the same specialization: Architecture. During and after their studies, they worked at Jasper's father's architectural firm. In 2000, Van Rijn senior bought a former grain silo in Burgerveen. The assignment for the boys: make something beautiful out of it. And they succeeded: Jasper and Carlo made the design and supervised the conversion of the silo into a home and office.

In 2008 they took over the agency from Jasper's father. ENZO was a fact. The company is still located in the grain silo. The striking conveyor belt on the facade and parts of the grain silo on the inside are still reminders of the building's previous use. And the HTS and university graduation models, expertly incorporated into the floors, are reminders of Jasper and Carlo's student days – when it all began.

We are ahead..

ENZO stands for architecture in the broadest sense of the word: design, urban planning, landscape and interior. We ensure that building and environment form one whole. We put this total vision into practice with attention and inspiration. We do not do this alone, but together with our business and private clients. And together with our team. ENZO now consists of eighteen employees. The name ENZO reflects this we-feeling. 'We didn't want to become a Van Rijn and Abdul architectural firm. We do it together.'


enzo architecten logo.png

Address: Leimuiderdijk 239

Postcode: 2154MN

Location: Burgerveen

T: 0172 50 30 90

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