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AKMA acoustic solutions

AKMA has been a specialist in room acoustics for over 30 years. We are not only a producer of high-quality acoustic materials and solutions, but are also happy to be your partner in this.

Advice, noise measurements and reports play an important role in this. Every problem requires a specific solution. Is there a low or high frequency problem? Is there a long reverberation or sound reflections or is the sound decay not correct? What are the mounting options on location or what fits better aesthetically? And of course budget also always plays an important role.

Based on good tailor-made advice, which at AKMA starts with a no-obligation visit to the location, we create an acoustically comfortable and healthy (work) environment together with our customer. Because every room requires the right experience for its own user comfort. Health and communication are the keywords here.

So do you experience complaints caused by poor room acoustics and do you need the help of an acoustics consultancy? Please feel free to contact us without obligation.


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Address: Kerkeinde 34

Postal Code: 4254 LD

Place: Sleeuwijk

T: 0183 - 304 102
W: www.

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