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AKOESTIEK.TECH is an internationally operating organization specialized in acoustic and sound insulation products. Our services are based on a worldwide network of companies that specialize in space, acoustics and sound insulation. Our mission is to use this knowledge to support customers and partners with their questions about the purchase of the most suitable sound-absorbing or sound-insulating products. As acoustic specialists, we assist architects, office furnishers, interior architects (for offices), production companies and construction companies by offering a total range of products and solutions that are suitable for every project.

Laboratory of acoustics

ACOUSTICS.TECH helps with guidance from design to realization of acoustic products

For whom is an acoustic laboratory valuable?

  • Office supplies manufacturers, furniture makers, desk manufacturers who like their products from good acoustics

to provide properties. We help you through targeted guidance. If you want to realize good acoustic products, you must have a good knowledge of the acoustic properties of materials and constructions.

  • Producers of acoustic products who want to have their materials tested and/or certified. With our expertise and experience, we can take the process off your hands. Through proper preparation, we ensure a “first time right” principle. This saves money and the lead time is minimized.

  • We advise and guide architects, interior architects and interior builders during the design phase in choosing the right materials. We do this on the basis of the required acoustic properties and on the basis of the specifications.

For measurements of the sound absorption coefficient, we will reserve reverberation rooms at independent laboratories to carry out measurements. Testing takes place in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 with the associated recognized reports.


Address: Cruijckelcreke 37

Postal code: 4491 PS

Place: Wissenkerke

T: 0113 - 376 444

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