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Address: Wegtersweg 7-19

Postal Code: 7556 BP

Place: Hengelo

T: 074-2455355


Facade specialist for professionals

Alkondor Hengelo is at the forefront as a facade specialist in the Netherlands. The facade is the calling card of your building and is a significant part of your investment. In addition, the facade makes an essential contribution to the energy saving of your building. The functions of the facade have a great influence on the well-being of the building users. You can think of daylight regulation, fresh air through ventilation. Alkondor Hengelo considers sustainability of paramount importance and is happy to help you realize sustainable and circular facades.

Alkondor is a valuable discussion partner for clients, project developers, contractors and architects. By joining us at an early stage, we know how to translate your requirements and wishes into the best quality and most economical solution. You can rely on us as a stable, sustainable, circular and innovative facade specialist. For complex projects in non-residential construction, as well as facade renovation and residential construction. We do not only focus on engineering, production and assembly, but we can offer complete management of the facade for a longer period of time.

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