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Ambrava I Samsung

Ambrava is an importer / distributor of Samsung heat pumps, air conditioners and ventilation systems in the Benelux. With our extensive range we serve certified installers directly, and thus indirectly the business and private market.

Partner in the climate field

In addition to being a supplier, Ambrava is a fully-fledged partner in the field of climate control with Samsung climate systems, for installers as well as consultants and project managers.

Expert support

To ensure that our customers have the most up-to-date knowledge of Samsung products and technical details, we regularly provide technical product training at our locations in Belgium and the Netherlands. These training courses are focused on various product groups and innovations.

We provide technical support to installers and consultants on a daily basis. Our expert team of specialists is available for telephone advice or on-site support.

Extensive stock

We have a large stock of Samsung products and parts in our warehouses. This allows us to guarantee fast delivery!

Personal contact

Our enthusiastic team is ready for tailor-made advice!


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Address: Laan van de Ram 50

Postal code: 7324 BV

Place: Apeldoorn

T: 055 5277777

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Heat pumps

A Samsung heat pump heats your space in an energy-efficient manner. A big advantage is that a heat pump can also be used for cooling. Enjoy a comfortable indoor climate all year round!

Air conditioning

An air conditioner helps you create pleasant cooling on hot, oppressive (summer) days. But did you know that an air conditioner can also heat during the rest of the year?


A pleasant indoor climate requires a regular supply of fresh, oxygen-rich outdoor air. Ventilation is indispensable, especially for your health!

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