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APsystems offers advanced and powerful solar microinverter technology for residential and commercial systems. The APsystems solar system combines highly efficient energy conversion with a user-friendly monitoring interface to provide you with reliable, intelligent energy. Our own system architecture increases your solar yield and ensures maximum performance of your solar panels. We continue to develop new technologies and products for the market.

Innovation and performance
  • Purchasing and Production

    • ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004 certified

    • Partnership with TDG technology – world class contract supplier


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Address: Industrieweg 5

Postal code: 3641 RK

Place: Mijdrecht

T: 0297 232 233

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APsystems microinverters

APsystems YC1000 Microinverter

The YC1000 is a 3-phase micro-inverter for connecting no less than 4 solar panels.

APsystems is the 1st producer to market a 3-phase microinverter, namely the YC1000. Standard with automatic switching between phases, voltage 230/400V, maximum 1130 Watt output, equipped with Zigbee communication and relay integrated earth. Up to 12 units (48 panels in total, 60 or 72 cells), can be connected to a 20A terminal group.

A unique patented APsystems technology


  • 1130w AC output

  • 3 phase output

  • 230V / 400V

  • ZigBee

  • 12 units/string (up to 48 solar panels)

  • Weight: 4kg (8.8 lbs.)

  • 10 year warranty, extendable to 20 years

APsystems QS1 Microinverter


The APsystems QS1 is a high-power micro-inverter for connecting 4 solar panels in a residential environment.

The APsystems QS1 microinverter is up to 3x faster to install, has the highest peak power in its class, and offers up to 3x faster transmission speed compared to other microinverters. With a sophisticated MPPT (maximum voltage from each panel) a higher energy yield is also obtained.

Designed for high power performance panels, the QS1 is the choice when 4 independent MPPTs are connected to one microinverter. The reduced installation time and lower initial costs make the QS1 unique.

The YC600 and QS1 use the same AC trunk wiring, providing flexible and interchangeable compatibility on the same group and gateway (ECU-R or ECU-C)


  • Connect up to 4 panels to one microinverter with independent MPPT

  • Lower initial costs and up to 3x faster installation

  • Highest peak output power of 350W per channel, max output 1400W AC

  • Wider MPPT voltage range for higher energy yield

  • Suitable for solar panels up to 525W

  • 2.4GHz ZigBee mesh network (3x faster than PLC)

  • Common AC trunk wiring with the YC600; flexibility and optimization of a system

APsystems YC600 Microinverter

The YC600 is a microinverter for 2 solar panels with independent MPPT

With a unique design and sophisticated features, the YC600 is a microinverter with cutting-edge technology. This 1-phase micro-inverter, with which 2 solar panels can be controlled with independent MPPT, is ideal for connecting to smart energy networks ('smart grid'). All this with the aim of a better coordination of energy supply and demand. The ZigBee communication (mesh network) offers higher data rates than PLC communication, wider MPPT voltage and higher energy yield for homeowners.

A microinverter with “Reactive Power Control” (RPC) technology. The YC600 meets strict European standards and requirements and is safe. Through continuous testing under harsh conditions and the use of the best components, low voltages (= better) the YC600 is extremely reliable for a long life.


  • Microinverter for connecting 2 solar panels with independent MPPTs

  • Reactive Power Control (RPC) for adjustments on the grid

  • Power of 274VA per module and 300VA peak

  • Suitable for panels of 250-365W+

  • MPPT voltage range (22V-45V)

  • ZigBee communication & user-friendly free monitoring

APsystems Monitoring 


Energy Communication Unit

The APsystems ECU connects to the microinverters and reports the yield of each connected solar panel separately. The ECU collects data on the yield of the solar panels, time of day and even collects data on electricity consumption (depending on the model). ECU gives you accurate analyzes of every microinverter and solar panel from your mobile, tablet or computer. The user-friendly interface gives you access to your solar system in seconds. Equipped with WiFi and Zigbee as standard. Also look in our library for the ECU-B for monitoring up to 4 panels.

The Zigbee protocol ensures that the microinverters can always communicate with each other, even in the event of a power failure.


  • Monitoring and analysis of every solar panel and microinverter.

  • Update of the microinverters remotely (remote) depending on, for example, changed laws or regulations.

  • Report any failures or performance issues.

  • Communicates in real time.

ECU-C with advanced functions

The APsystems ECU (Energy Communication Unit) collects current data and provides insight into the yield of your solar panel system.


  • AC & DC electricity monitoring

  • Anti backflow control

  • Communicates with a centralized monitoring system

  • Built-in WiFi and Zigbee

  • Suitable for single-phase or three-phase systems


Energy Monitoring & Analysis

The APsystems EMA application (Energy Monitoring and Analysis software) offers you extensive monitoring via the internet. The software analyzes and reports the performance of each solar panel in your solar system. You can view this real-time data via a user-friendly interface using your computer, tablet or mobile device, for example.

Unlike many conventional systems, the APsystems EMA gives you insight into each individual solar panel and microinverter and optimizes performance over its lifetime.

The APsystems ECU is directly connected to the microinverters and solar panels that cause possible disturbances and are connected in the solar system. The software (APsystems EMA) shows the possible reason and guidelines, the location (of panel or micro) or if necessary maintenance is displayed.


  • Monitoring and analysis of every solar panel and microinverter

  • Update of the microinverters remotely (remotely) depending on, for example, changed laws or regulations

  • Report any outages or performance issues in Yield

  • Communicates in real time

  • Clear graphical representation of your solar panel system

CT - Current Transformer

Current Transformers are used for measuring currents in the electricity network.

CTs work with the integrated meter of an ECU-C and offer advanced functions such as consumption/production monitoring and zero export functionality.

APsystems offers the choice between two CT models: an 80 amp CT for single phase residential & small commercial PV systems up to 18 kWp or 3-phase systems up to 54 kWp; and the 200 amp CT is suitable for a single phase system up to 46 kWp or 136 kWp 3 phase.

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