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Address: De Wel 8A

Postal Code: 3871 MV

Place: Hoevelaken

T: 033-2998050

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For you, a floor drain might just be a floor drain. That is, if everything works properly… If not, it can result in a lot of unwanted work. That is why we produce floor drains based on a clear vision. They are the best materials and the most durable production methods, together with many innovative ingenuity, which guarantee an effective installation and many years of carefree use.

After all, you don't want to have to replace a floor drain after 10 years, for example as a result of leaking parts. Moreover, you want a floor drain that is easy to install, pleasant to maintain and not out of place with the sanitary equipment. Things that you may unnoticeably take for granted, but which we have worked hard on over the years. If you go for quality, then you choose Aquaberg.

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