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Austria doors

Austria Deuren is a manufacturer and importer of interior and exterior doors and frames. Austria Deuren supplies door and frame solutions to the wood and building materials trade and specialist door shops. Austria was founded in 1953 and has been part of Koninklijke Dekker (wood industry and real estate) since 2014. The extensive range of Austria Doors consists of interior doors, exterior doors, front doors, door frames and associated accessories such as door handles and door frames.

You can find our showroom at Stuartweg 4E in Vianen. Make an appointment via telephone number +31 (0) 88 1885 100 or by mail

The head office is located at Werf 15 in The Hague. The warehouses (8,500 m²) and outside area, which together cover 17,000 m², are located at 2e Poellaan 10 in Lisse.



Address: De Werf 15

Postal code: 2544 EH

Place: The Hague

T: 088 1885 360

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