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Market leader Brachot is a renowned specialist in natural stone and composite materials, offering cladding and landscape materials worldwide. Over the years, Brachot has grown into a top player in every phase of the production chain. Driven by its vertical integration strategy, Brachot has grown from a wholesaler of natural stone slabs into an international player with its own quarries, production sites and distribution centers all over the world. Brachot's own natural stone range is supplemented with blocks, slabs, tiles and projects from renowned international quarries and suppliers.

Meet the Brachot Family Members

Brachot consists of a wide range of brands and sites, each with their own specific expertise and DNA. From the extraction of our own materials over the sawing and processing of natural stone to the distribution of blocks, slabs, tiles and projects in natural stone and composite materials. We remain a family business at heart. That is why we call these brands and sites Brachot Family Members. Spread worldwide, but united in the same values of sustainability, innovation and honesty.


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Address: Ressenerbroek 26 d

Postal Code: 6666 MR

Place: Heteren

T: 026-4722003

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Vertical integration: our success strategy

Brachot consistently applies its vertical integration strategy and it has paid off. Today, the group owns no fewer than twenty quarries in France, Portugal, South Africa, Ireland and Norway. The processing of natural stone and the development of high-quality composite materials takes place at Brachot's seven production sites in Ireland, South Africa, France and Belgium. In addition, Brachot offers an unprecedented range of cladding and landscape materials that is distributed through the fifteen distribution centers in Europe and far beyond.

Brachot produces high-quality blocks, slabs, tiles and accessories in natural stone and composite materials. Our range contains more than eight hundred types of materials. So you are guaranteed to find the perfect design for your project. With the brands Unistone (quartz composite), Unimarble 

(marble composite), Uniceramics (ceramic)and TerrazzoBrachot has a solution for every specific need or preference of the customer.




Venice avenue 22
B-8530 Harelbeke
Industrial zone Harelbeke-South A3040/3050

Tel +32 56 23 70 00
Fax +32 56 23 70 02

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