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Broad-field mobile wall systems

BREEDVELD makes spaces flexible

BREEDVELD has been a source of inspiration for (interior) architects, contractors and end users since 1906. BREEDVELD started as an interior construction company and since the 1970s a producer of mobile wall systems. The expertise acquired is anchored in all layers of the company. BREEDVELD is proactive, service-oriented, affordable and focused down to the smallest detail. Your wishes in terms of space distribution form the basis of the perfectly fitting mobile wall solution that you can use for many years to come. This is how BREEDVELD gets the best out of every space.



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Mobile panel walls

A mobile panel wall is an apparently fixed wall that can be easily opened and closed. Loose sandwich panels roll via an upper guide rail to the desired position. A telescopic sealing mechanism provides the (acoustic) seal. Panel walls can be put together entirely according to your wishes, for example with windows, doors and various set-up options.

P90 & P110

BREEDVELD panel walls come in two types: the P90 and the P110. The differences are reflected in the visible or invisible tongue and groove joints and in the thickness of the panels. The invisible differences are in the thickness of the finishing plate, insulation and sealing rubbers. In terms of specs, the P110 picks up where the P90 stops. By this we mean the possibilities in heights, sound-insulating values, finishes and robustness.


Type P90
The BREEDVELD panel wall P90 is characterized by a surrounding frame profile, 10 mm cladding and a panel thickness of 90 mm. Available up to 46 dB (lesson/meeting quality) with many (glass) options.

Type P110

The P110 is characterized by the concealed frame profiling (not visible when closed), 18 mm plating, a thickness of approx. 110 mm and more options in terms of noise reduction, height and finishes.

Sliding walls

A sliding wall is a (large) wall panel that can be opened or closed in one movement. Proven technology and years of experience ensure the right seal with smooth operation.

S70, S90, S110, S110gl

A WIDEVELD sliding wall only leaves our factory when it slides, fits and functions effortlessly. The BREEDVELD sliding walls are available in four types, all available as a corner solution, in a cupboard or sliding in front of a wall. Below are different versions in various dimensions described. Slip lanes are used to achieve the sound insulation values. But for an extra acoustic seal and/or extra stability, the walls can also be fitted with telescopic bottom and top seals, which can be driven both manually and electrically.


Model S70

The sliding wall S70 has been developed for a minimum thickness. The version with an aluminum frame prevents warping of the wall: a major advantage compared to wood sandwich panels.


Model S90

The S90 is the slimmest sliding wall in which additional acoustic seals, such as telescopic top and bottom seals, can also be integrated.


Model S110

The special S110 has by far the most options from an aesthetic, technical and acoustic point of view. Available in almost any appearance and sound-insulating up to 53 dB Rw.


Model S110g(l)

The sliding wall S110gl is a further development of the sliding wall S110. An extra strong welded frame makes mats, bossing panels and (large) glass openings possible.

Mobile glass walls

A mobile glass wall is an apparently fixed wall that can be easily opened and closed. Loose (sandwich) panels roll via an upper guide rail to the desired position. Depending on the desired noise reduction, the panels are fitted with single or double-walled glass.

G10/G12, G10K/G12K, G90, & P110gl

Each type of glass wall can be put together according to your wishes using various building blocks. The separate panels can be parked in niches or cupboards in various ways. With a G90 and P110gl, telescopic seals at the top and bottom ensure good sound insulation and secure the panels. These can be powered manually or electrically. Wheel sets with bearings run smoothly through an aluminum rail in the ceiling and ensure optimum sliding comfort.


Model G10/G12

The WIDE FIELD G10/G12 are non-insulated glass walls with 10 mm tempered/laminated glass. Clamping strips at the top and bottom provide the closing mechanisms and suspensions.


Type G10K/G12K

The BREEDVELD G10K and G12K are non-insulated glass walls with a beautiful frame all around. The metal frame is fitted with magnetic tape and is available in any RAL colour.


Type G90

The BREEDVELD G90 is a sound-insulating double-walled glass wall. The individual glass plates are printed with a frame, so that the mechanisms are beautifully concealed.


Type P110gl

The WIDE FIELD P110gl is a panel wall with extra large glass openings. The P110gl is the right choice if very high sound insulation values are desired/required.

Folding walls

A folding wall is a wall that opens and closes like an accordion. The great advantage of a folding wall is that it can be quickly opened and closed completely in one hand movement. In this way, the wall can almost function as a door. The F(P)600 is even available in lesson/meeting quality. Unique!

F200, F220, F600 & FP600

To make it easy to open and close the folding walls, they are suspended from wheel sets with bearings that roll in an aluminum top rail. The folding wall offers more possibilities than you think. With the F600 and FP600 we achieve sound-insulating values of up to 46 dB, so that you can hold meetings or teach undisturbed on both sides of the wall. The FP600 can even be pulled completely flat, which gives the room an extra sleek look.


Model F200

The BREEDVELD F200 is a single-walled wooden folding wall with plastic hinge profiles. This wall is suitable for visual partitions that need to look nice.


Model F220

The BREEDVELD F220 is a traditional artificial leather folding wall with a steel interior. Suitable for visual and light sound insulating partitions.


Model F600

The BREEDVELD F600 is incredibly sound-insulating, very attractive in appearance, super easy to open and close and has proven top quality for more than forty years!


Type FP600

The WIDE FIELD FP600 goes even further. This type has an internal flattening mechanism that makes the folding wall completely flat when closed. Aesthetically very responsible!

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