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Bruil Construction

We are an innovatively developing construction company that likes to look beyond today's demand. We have more than earned our spurs in utility and apartment construction. Whether it concerns new construction, renovation or transformation. If you want to multiply, you have to divide. That is our starting point in everything we do. We like to go a step further in this than the much-discussed chain integration. Collaboration is a prerequisite. Renewing the challenge together. In our view, this is where the chance of long-term returns lies. In the form of energy-efficient working and living solutions in which the end user feels comfortable and which can also be produced, maintained and recycled for a reasonable price. As part of the Bruil group, we are able to realize large and complex structures. Risk-bearing participation in projects and project development is also possible.


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Address: Keesomstraat 9

Postal code: 6717 AH Ede

Place: Ede

T: 088-8118740
E: bouw @


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