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Enjoyable, safe and healthy sports thanks to BUVA VitalAir air purifiers

At Family Sports in Wateringen, literally everything is done to ensure that the 1,350 members exercise in a fun, safe and healthy way. Even now that the corona crisis is imposing new restrictions on us. “During the forced closure, we separated all devices well (> 2 meters),” says owner and club manager Ted Janse. “We have also expanded the number of group lessons, so that sports can be done in smaller groups. Equipment is cleaned even more often than before and upon arrival athletes receive a personal bottle with a disinfectant, so that everything they touch can be disinfected. Mouth masks are mandatory in several places and thanks to an online reservation system we can regulate the number of athletes per hour. In addition, we have purchased two BUVA VitalAir air purifiers , which quickly and efficiently bring and keep the indoor air quality in the various rooms at the correct level. Our members appreciate the fact that we go further than the imposed measures. ” Curious about the possibilities for you? BUVA is happy to provide you with tailor-made advice without any obligation!

In August and September, Family Sports had the air quality in the fitness halls and classrooms extensively tested. Both with moderate and intensive use. “Although the air quality remained well within the standards, we did see that - especially during the group lessons - the concentration of particulate matter, CO2 and fine drops of moisture and saliva sometimes rose,” says Janse. "Because these so-called aerosols can be an important carrier of (COVID-19) virus components, we have decided to install two BUVA VitalAir air purifiers." The BUVA VitalAir air purifiers are mobile and standalone air purifiers that continuously purify the room air, says Robin Hakkert, sales manager for industry at BUVA. “Thanks to several purification steps, 98% of the aerosols are removed from the air. This keeps the transmission of viruses and possibly COVID-19 to a minimum. With one BUVA VitalAir

air purifier, rooms up to 400 m³ can be carefully purified. ”

Optimal indoor air quality in every room
Family Sports has a large number of air conditioning and extraction units that continuously extract the 'dirty air' from the various rooms and blow in cooled, fresh air. “During the warm (late) summer months, we provided additional and natural ventilation by opening windows and doors throughout the building,” says Janse. “Now that it is getting colder outside, this is no longer always possible. For example, during yoga and pilates classes it quickly becomes too cold in the room. In that case, the BUVA VitalAir air purifiers offer a solution. Initially, we purchased two mobile units, which are mainly used in the linked fitness rooms. During the group lessons, one unit is always moved to the group lesson room, so that here too the
indoor air quality remains optimal. ”

BUVA VitalAir air purifiers provide a lot of confidence
“Family Sport has been voted the best gym in the Westland several times in recent years and we would like to keep it that way,” Janse emphasizes. The BUVA VitalAir air purifiers help with this and ensure a lot of confidence among our athletes. The units were installed at the end of September. Thanks to the extensive testing phase that preceded this, we have gained good insight into what is happening in the various rooms at any time. This allows us to deploy the air purifiers on a demand-driven basis. The number of units will probably be expanded even further in the future. ”

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